hello and welcome to White Sands National Monument my name is Adam Ebert and I'll be giving you some tips on sledding here in the dunes here are some popular things people used to sled a saucer the toboggan and a beast cardboard let's see how they perform Sandra and Mark will now demonstrate each of the sleds for us since the cardboard is flexible it sinks into the sand and doesn't let you go anywhere the shape of the toboggan makes it easy for the front to dig into the sand significantly slowing you down the saucer will distribute your weight more evenly because of this glides on top of the sand instead of plowing through it let's watch the slides again right here you can really see March 2 bogging digging into the sand and slowing it down here are some tips to get the best out of your slide here in the dunes the first thing you want to do is pick a safe place to slide avoid sledding into the roads or into the plants in the inter noon area once you have picked out a dune to slid on dedicate a spot for going up and a spot for going down to keep the sand back so you'll be as fast as possible leading back helps to go faster leaning forwards closer down you can also wax their sled to help make it smoother the best way to wax it is going to straight lines the direction you're going to be using your sled finally the best time to come sliding is after a good rain the water keeps the sand pack down so your sled doesn't dig in when you come out to white sands to sled make sure to bring plenty of water we recommend at least a gallon per person our gift shop also has sausage for sale more information on pricing you can call it directly thanks for watching and we hope to see you out here soon

Sledding at White Sands National Monument

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    Omg I love that white sand.


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