do not talk about the things do not talk about the things you fuck sucking on a big old fuck suck on a fucking that's uh no with me with me well continue hey everybody and welcome to another episode of continuum I'm Paul Joshua and it might not be winter when this comes out but it's winter right now and the Olympic Games are upon us so we're gonna get a slight storm on tailor pretory gave us this spin everywhere I'm so fucking excited everywhere you need a rudolph to shoot through this baby oh no clothes oh yes oh yes you know yo you got a jurist these are as you learn more about your new snowmobile keep in mind there are dangers and risks involved in the operation of this vehicle that can result in serious injury or death you think it's just a matrix reads like that that's that person died there this is the matrix oh my god I put like bees in here look out music there are four directions for basic command summary okay right otherwise notice controls basic command summary turn left and right D button left or right accelerate is X okay hope you please at every menu use the day license this damn they're getting their money we're gonna use this dude's peachy oh yes what oh yes please are you fucking serious keep it real Oh Tallyho again do you think Paul Rudd computer lewd obscenities ah are you ready to do you guys want to know what the songs are on here yes wait wait wait wait I want it let me hear one or two yeah you're not gonna you're only gonna know boy that's what I said you only got no one dragula track number one to sparkle and shine by Econoline crush final Econoline crush what don't wear now by Econoline trust surefire by Econoline cross their kind of line crush top theme by easy rollers sweet baby by Jeff Dyke dick deck dy ck yeah that's grouse dude they got stubble oh can i push a button class ok what yeah oh it's spider Rob Zombie's brother isn't the same artist that is the fucking BK kids it looks like it big gay kids and BK kids rock right here that's it okay let's go three laps short bears bears long you look like Dax Shepard dressing up as Kid Rock looks like thank you sir maximum bears on please snow rain Sun snow you got these guys do the snow climb computers fun yeah which way top or bottom landscaper do you like vertical what are you guys like come here how do you do trick watch us are your basic command summary the VCS VCS VCS kids how are they doing tricks man how are they doing tricks doing tricks are not in the basic command summary it must be in the advanced command so shit I'm hitting a wall literally with my life I'm finding this this stuff for you guys don't worry oh I'm on dirt dude what am i doing on dirt circle changes your your stance I did r2 and it did something l want an r1 or lean left and right tricks l2 and r2 fuck yeah hold it hold appropriate trick button l 2 or r2 as you hit an incline surface to catch some air in the air perform D button commands oh my god ok l2 and down no hander oh I did a thing I did no hander I didn't know hinder l2 enough loop back loop back do you want to do the Naknek yeah it's r2 + left down or right down sorry ok really want to do a knack knack there's also a decade aka a chocolate swirl or yummy yo one of yous got to do a backflip yeah I'm trying that's our tube l 2 and a half circle on the top oh I didn't get enough you gotta get one air already there's a lot of shit someone died who's top he's dying I'm on the bottom I'm always on the power bottom who's on the top who's in the bottom I am what left left button way yeah but josh is winning he is a power bar you tube sets with tricks right I will set a thing he has more trick points new too somehow yeah cuz I'm tricking he's tricky tricky tricky trick and I'm tricked in tricking tricking guys ever go snowmobiling no you know it's one of those things in my head that I think sounds cool but I would be probably terrified doing it's super fun to ride right everybody gonna mess up I almost did a backflip it didn't work this sounds like a Rob Zombie song sounds are like these are like remixes that he did you think but I'm saying like an layin my tricks guys I'm saying it just sounds like him again it just sounds like this time period this is another band though no everything's happened dude I watched tomb raider the other day yeah it's all this really yeah all this so thank you yeah but this is like industrial new metal industrial you try this Jesus Christ er yeah there's one a kind of line crushed on that I know that came on the Box all the time I can't believe wow you guys both too terribly shut up Paul Pine Valley put the cardiac Canyon bears for that hard pack that looks like I'm wolf my heart dag you go raise alright we're gonna go to bear X's go yeah X's good exit go and then you're going to lean a little bit lean with it rock with it then you want Ricky it up with the trick stick me ride you off the road fuck don't fuck with me dude my these are not not even any of their main hits oh boy I have 50 points for hitting that sign dude oh I just got something just ran someone over I fell off my thing I almost did a trick okay they are this is all the same music it's the same song over and over again people do die of doing this till I get lands on people then they just done crushing it would kill you it would they weigh like a thousand pounds you would get flood storage let's I'm dead I'm a dead person oh you know this song Josh I do I don't wait another song perfect so fast so 1998 I love it dude I'm like nice secretly long like not so secretly love this shit I love it dude I just want to go back guys I just want to hear the jagged little pill for the first time again that'd be interesting you could do that I was saying I would thought I'd be cool if there was a way that you could temporarily like erase your memory of something yeah yeah we talk on the pocket yeah we talked about and might be able to go listen to an album for the first yeah mm-hmm it's like being an infant and like learning about stuff that's why things when you little are like so impressionable cuz you're like oh my god there's never been anything like your your brain's never seen it before so great never seen it yeah your brain is the number one site zone in the brain your brain is the number one erogenous zone your brain is the number one responsible thing for all brain stuff but I was died here and I hate it I like that you die you consider falling dying so you're a new racer every time you get off back home yeah well I mean I died a little bit inside so much person that's true of you there it is I did it again I'm bad at this I'm just gonna go for top points like josh is the best at this game he's really relished in this moment leave a comment and subscribe if Josh is your favorite oh fuck I died I have a new racer now I don't think up where my brother just died now we're just gonna call you land fiddle man do that in landfill nice I got most points though yeah well great I'll take it you got most suck point your turn Wow I'm still winnin I think Josh should play by himself is he so good – Travis gos 13000 point Gio's insane you know bears bears wolf hey geo hey yo what was that there was that lift all the way I'm gonna show Church let's go Church church time eh pray to frame Jesus and I say charge right usually no cops theme no I tried to look team and I like I don't know cop team Oh with this this is a different band this is easy roller roll all right come on Nick you got on thief there on this guy dude he's dead already some asshole tipped me over you're in the fucking dirt snow – I mean snows dirt snow dirt snows racing boys what are we when are we gonna invent snow that never gets dirty oh god I wish cuz snow is great except for when it looks like shit like that like 30 minutes after it stopped snowing yeah like you know get away from me with your gross dirty shitty mess Oh Frank Oh frack looks like God whipped his butt in the snow you know what I'm sayin Wow ah come on Oh Moo BL fell on me guys sorry I'm gonna root for Josh to beat these computers maybe I don't know if I can fuck they're beating me Park this is so British dance music from Meg 1998 dude they're a British drone basement that's our that yeah just high school and just listen to this shit and just it being around everywhere yeah and people wearing UFOs oh my god shit fuck you guy I was listening to the misfits oh it's too into that shit this is like UFOs I was too into myself yeah I got something to say how are some jewelry today I warned you oppose today if you can't see my legs my legs where you pants right here yeah we're getting back together Wow yeah yep damn Zig Haman Terry only are gonna hang out again damn Zig where did we not go yes on I wouldn't do this damn sweet baby and you maybe you play just videos of siggy dude I'm a wire in the background my Danza cover band called Dan Nick be my friend you had a friend Dan we just do acapella Dan that I can enjoy a friendly man yeah yeah you don't know any dance do you I know some dance and we know some fans oh we do know a Dan at least one oh that was that was the right turn got you well now I'm gonna fucking suck so cool my one friend Dan that I know is friends with Henry Rollins watch that's a true aspect whoa whoa you could totally start this tour then yeah dude that's cool yeah man I know you're all if I were friends with him I calm the whole row I come hero hero I saw him live been like oh fuck that was fun yeah what's he doing music or was he doing spoke dude spoken word that's cool oh shit oh fuck I was do it so well it was right at the Iraq time so he was really mad oh yeah he was that's great oh dude you should go back I would love to hear he's talking about now I wouldn't even know he wouldn't even know where to begin mm-hm ride or die but don't oh dude you almost got fucking concussed no that guy was gonna take me back to the quiet room you almost turned into a gif on the front page oh nice that would be cool you guys know I watched my cousin get hit by a car what what you never told us about that really you got hit by a car were you watching from inside the car now hard he got up uh he got he got up do you lose a shoe no he got hit in a bike and he got up and he like knocked the hub cap off the lady's car he got on my front flip and I what he got up it was like here's your hubcap sorry I like the he apologized to the car that hit him my face on your he's flying probably everybody there just kidding my neighborhood it was like older than us and he hit a kid one time yeah like like with this car sure and like it was on a bike and the kid just like rolled on the top he was yeah yeah but we like never stop making fun of him parading at night he like somebody looking out like yeah but like you Hannah you woulda killed them trying to get first place no I'm not risky I haven't done one trick oh yeah you've got the fucking laugh I got to a single trick this right so hard to get back well I was in a car when we hit somebody oh yeah what did you do we were at my friend's house for New Year's and he he was it more of an acquaintance then for him and it was in high school and the his mom came home and she didn't know that we were partying there and like really good just sort of drinking you know we were like young and we had like we had like stolen like a couple of shots or something out of her thing and like [Laughter] we were smoking weed and she came home and she was like get that dope out get it out is okay she want you guys remixed into it only bass oh there was a shot there was a song and so we like yeah but like we so we like ran out of the house and we left him behind he started fighting with her and he was getting like like scary like he was getting so anyway yeah wait so where does the Clark come in so we all hopped in my friend's car four of us and he was the fifth person and we bailed because he was fighting with his mom he was getting like kind of like pushy and we were like oh no he's gonna like hater yeah it was very scary and we start to like he fucking runs out of his house jumps off of a Ledge and then and then we like just grab like there was like a roof it's like oh my god I'm looking at your fucking screen oh ha ha ha ha you're doing really well in backwards you're doing a good you're doing a good mirror course I don't even care I was so into doing story yeah he lived on like a top floor and Leia got and his staircase led up there was like it was like a little like mini like guys like over the windows on the thing there was like a little like rumored shit there was a lot that he could run down so he ran down that ran behind the car and we were so freaked out we thought like the cops are gonna call and stuff that my friend just here like pulled out and hit it like with the car oh wait no even better it wasn't even that kid it was our other friend who was just so out of his like out of his mind like stone that he just stood behind the car and we hit him there was a boy it was cool night all right now I'm gonna be something one last race after Nick finally finishes if he finishes I keep trying to do cool trick he's on lap one wait hold on a second it's not just gonna end the real it's not Nick has to win right there right there yeah all right so after some time no what is the call I don't even know what it's called leadstore our boys are these piglets like cool borders are tricky where's the car SSX here it is snow sled storm flood storm snow boys there you have it there it is I think my actions speak louder than any words like holy shit that's what they say did I give this a game game over that's that's right that like it's like close yeah no I would like hey thanks for watching this episode of continue if you liked it please be sure to LIKE comment subscribe do all that stuff down below and there's some other videos you can watch right here that'll be just as enjoyable as this one we promise 100% money back guarantee it's gonna be awesome watch

Sled Storm (PlayStation 1) – Continue?
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