morning morning it's a Thursday first morning going to or so mountains stopped over last night because I was getting really tired stayed in the cabin Iran was really good that's the temperature now either Kevin six the museum I had a better sous series Oh in here so another address now you know wait for the sunset alright sunrise to come up two hours away about three hours away with that truck will you take some videos when we get to the snow hopefully we see a little lot of snow I went to do some ski she's gonna just being like there's nobody I know it catch you guys later Lake so pretty welcome to Jindabyne that's going to be our view from home for the next seven days pop goes out check it out check it out beautiful as boss it's begins heading off after getting paid of the visa more footage okay just uh why's my way like to get up really early because we almost upon yesterday morning knocking Megan was sake they don't have my people but the Nagle we've got a warning and add this up from the council put up at the Ranger don't you think not much you have to get up here there's a little bit so far thinking we've got a pretty early to Sunday the road by seven by the time his mother's already out every once the motors overtaking us are but now how much transmit will have money all good news it little babies early you're gonna say oh yeah stay here for a few hours start a campfire cook some steaks on the lake which is beautiful beautiful view sunset well here we go in walk of adventures we go to whoop up and we have adventures he's a fire nice view here the reason like their believe me still got fish in there so yeah you guys posted

Skiing in the snowy mountains | No Road No Worries | Part 1

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