how's breakfast what do you think is gonna happen a display we take coffee or six inches of whipped cream in there can't see the mountains at all this morning Ryoga this is just to prove that we're actually doing exercise up queenstown hill i think we got a long way so after a brief hike not brief but after a brief break I can we're back to eating fish and chips yep Sunday night dinner is a Kiwi picnic fish and chips on the beach bus do you think we're totally unhealthy we at least got some juice some color on our way to eating breakfast in the sorry relationship of yogurt muesli at a resort we're at the top of our first lift and it's icy see how the viewscreen you get a shotgun I did you ready to shred the gnar [Laughter] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] yeah average he at the remarkable some sushi rehydration close the top what do you rate it's beautiful up here it's not as big a resort with these two and I think once it's softened up a bit I had a lot more fun I'd call the oh it's a lot of rocks here did you do this whole video just for that one part I found a lot of rocks with my face oh you found a lot of rocks I wily coyote did it out of my skis mogul that wasn't a bubble coke what see you need rock and I just looked down all of a sudden and I'm just going down to my ski boots what do you think of mrs. Berg not as good at sixes and sevens no we're PI experts Alan not the best ones who had the coffee is just okay I'm glad we didn't have to wait in the line by going early it's our last morning in Queenstown and we've got a beautiful sunset we skied up there or sunrise beautiful

Skiing in Queenstown

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