tell me down 500 wait a minute is it 20 to pull up and a duck in like I'm playing those mind catching cases then got to prove bustled me his beggary tosses beetlejuice Oh – wait a minute it's a 22 full of been deducting like I'm playing goes ain't catching cases they got to pull but some in his bakery times as Beetlejuice what's up guys it's your dogs D hey here you already know we add the skatepark all right anyways we just pulled up to the skate park you already know yeah we don't know how to skate so we is doing a challenge that's right and whoever falls the most got a yeah get soaked in water which is actually kind of nice how does have something like 90 degrees by my butt yeah we bout to like bust our butts and stuff you feel me that's crazy all right [Applause] [Applause] now you're gonna stop are you out here without God Jake he got this scooter right introduce yourself Kidder's me my brother like do that that's right yeah that's a son yeah all right ready go okay keep bail ready go okay spell again go okay see how you can see them you can't go down this baby round the ramp is not that big it's crazy yeah but Damien suck so here's a little photo I just I can't I can't you had you do what you could you do you it you want you you could do what's up guys so I obviously lost cuz i busting my butt like other times so there's hella kids over here like little kids and I'm about to I'm hunting Co in the kitty freakin water park and do something get in there and get away you feel me that's good so yeah that's crazy I didn't think it was that deep I was extending my head to get underwater that name just said what's up guys we out you feel me today we busted our butts I jumped in a lake that's crazy it was great no blues my elbows we met those kids I don't know them kids McCool shoutout shoutouts to giving us the skateboard shoutout those kids there was just do Gerrit trying to teach us like I was like name these people are nice you feel me I thought that's gonna do all right let's hope I don't got some disease man cuz I really drunk late I'm getting paid and that's what I like you better have my money tomorrow if not we fight you know you already know we got money money you got Dameon danger was in danger Damien danger Damien esses up well that's crazy we just went skating in the face with a baseball helmet that's nice Wow but all right guys oh yeah bring it out bringing them out yup yup bring them out yeah again cuz my frickin shorts just soaked cuz I jumped in late I don't know how many times I'm gonna say I just still can't believe I jumped in the lake so oh my god I really hope I got no disease they're beautiful women the beautiful mr. Lee love ya alright guys it's the outside deuces like subscribe hope you enjoyed the video

Skating with a Twist!

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