Good Morning Guys It’s Adam Cooper here from My Halifax Today’s episode we are going to go skating
on the Oval right now we have come down to the Halifax
Forum where you can actually get your skates sharpened so we are going to do that and then we are
going to take off so that was good and that was like $8 to get your skates sharpened which is a pretty good deal now we are going to drive over to the Oval
and make the magic happen So now we have made it to the oval it’s time
for us to skate so for those of you who don’t remember the
last video we made last year about skating on the oval the oval is a free space for everyone to come
and skate in the summer you can do summer skating like skateboarding, in-line skating and even
ride bikes and in the winter its all about ice-skating it’s totally free and it’s a great place to meet friends, gather
and just enjoy some of the great stuff in the community now because we are all about supporting local there are local food trucks here so it’s a
great way to support local and you don’t have to worry about eating or
bring food with you so I’m going to grab myself a beavertail So for me the Oval whether you can skate like an absolute legend
or your just a brand new skater it’s just a great thing to have in your community because at the end of the day people are coming here to take kids, to have
dates, to skate, to make vlogs it’s just a place that’s kind of a focal point and during the winter sometimes people get
stuck insde and think there is nothing to do and then you have something like this and I just think it’s really cool that this
is right in our community and is 100% free so in full disclosure or the interest of full
disclosure the GoPro footage of someone skating is 100%
not me it is totally Gina I can not skate to save my life to be honest Gina does everything better than
me don’t tell her I said that though so one of the reasons that we started My Halifax was to show people all the cool things that
you could do throughout the year right here in Halifax and here it is it’s actually not that cold but it’s still winter and there is snow everywhere and yet right over my shoulder there is a
free public rink and I think it’s so cool that we have things
like this in Halifax and we’ve got more and more things like this
coming just so that no matter what’s happening you’ve
always got something you can do that’s totally free and you can go out and enjoy your community and that’s what makes Halifax so unique is that we’ve got that community feeling right
running through the city at all times and this place is really busy and it’s crazy
busy out here and it was actually hard to film so it’s really cool to see we have a free
event a free facility that everyone is using and that’s super cool so that’s the end of this week’s My Halifax once again we came to The Oval we had a great time and its free well I say we had a great time Gina skated really well and I just filmed
her good times if there is anywhere else you think we should
make a video please let us know in the comments below don’t forget to like comment and subscribe
to our YouTube Channel and We’ll See you Next Week Ok So in full disclosure that’s not me skating
footage in the GoPro That’s totally Gina I cant skate for *Bad Word* I cant say that

Skating On The Halifax Oval – My Halifax – Things To Do In Halifax, Nova Scotia
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  • January 25, 2018 at 12:32 am

    Great video keep up the amazing work 😊


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