alright guys what are we doing to that here happens at least once a day Celie remember we used to call him celli it's like a Christmas present days like birthday good point there's definitely more birthday than Christmas Wow dear Braille my name is nerd skull and I'm 20 years old I am from the Netherlands a country that has not much to offer except flowers and of course the traditional wooden shoes I sent you the most traditional one the yellow painted once that a lot of farmers where I've ordered you a big size 43 I don't know if a lot of farmers wear these can you imagine walking around in the field with wooden clogs you have to be like a real man I love watching your videos because I cannot skate myself no more about 2 years ago I started having a lot of pain I just turned 18 back then I found out I was sick at a young age they told me I had rheumatism I lay down a lot now I had to quit school and work so a lot changed for me the last couple of years but laying in bed all day wasn't an option I decided to start a YouTube channel myself called exploring and me that's pretty rad you guys should definitely check that out I have this weird hobby where I visit abandoned places from castles the churches I love to tell about the history and decay of those buildings that's awesome and it's a great distraction for my pain and also makes me very happy when I manage to get in those places I uploaded one abandoned location every Sunday whoa we're gonna go there and skate it with him on Sunday I hope my channel will get a small boost from this we hope so too I recently passed 2 K and would love to reach 3 K that would be so amazing thank you guys for being awesome and I hope the wooden shoes are fun to skate there solid wood so I think they should last for a while why do I feel like I'm gonna be in so much pain after I appreciate your time have a good one greetings exploring in me links to my YouTube channel down below and by down below we mean in the description alright let's open this up these are really beautiful it's like a straight-up tree turned into a shoe I say we just stop the video now we say thank you for sending us tissues this is the odd position that you're in when you when the actual shoe is so beautiful I much prefer to just hang this on the wall but then you feel bad because he's specifically sent it to be skated and then you you think man I'm gonna be it mean either way I'm gonna be it you mean person can we put an actual pair of shoes inside there oh oh the hill bruise is one thing actually landing primo would be fine it's just right here these nail is bone on the top of your tummy your foot oh yeah that's not bad oh those are so fun prom 2017 what are we supposed to do with this just skate it game of skate all right where's my deck not good for my grip tape yellow Batman unfortunately this is about all I got okay I could actually see how I could be a farmer and farm in these they're not that uncomfortable it's just super scary to like jump off your board or miss or go any other way that was air come on Betty man I'm just so scared to miss in any way Betty you got this no see if you could put your shoes in there so I do one trick on it one legit trick you want to put your shoes in there I definitely can't kickflip it if you can get your shoes in there I think it can be kickflip but can you kick flip I think you got it I'm not skating in these though what do you mean you said you were gonna kickflip he's got ankle braces on so this part right here totally fine you're fine yeah those are those are fly to be honest whoa he'll flip whoa I can't believe you went to that wait this is straight to the gram if you land this right here what what in the world my pinky toe my left foot you son like right into the wood god you're gonna clog your skateboard you got trying to do real skateboarding no your grip tape is toast Old Yeller licious it's getting better with every attempt he's got a weird [Applause] do you feel like these ankle braces are coming at you it doesn't hurt wearing them really you know where the extreme amount of pain was for me so my question is here would you farm in them or side farm in them I found them before I was painting them as you see but the thing that's good about these shoes is that if you're farming it's all muddy you can just wash them up like super I don't know you just wash them makes a good point I mean I'm from Montana I grew up on a farm I would farm them Oh how's the Primo Phil we just missed a beautiful primo shot would be so proud of you that's like a how to nollie heel the easiest way now one my foot came out and like landing right on the edge where yeah you got some oh yeah you got that I'll just realize I'm not wearing shoes don't worry about can you grab my shoes first Troy games like cross train I just watched that video over it's going down in history ah oh my god right guys are like this is just oh it's straight in cocaine I know shoes on I love the sound they make go me too they definitely clog just realized do for Crocs this is like actually kind of sick design yeah we'll get you a clog sponsor right up you did have you cheap he's gotta get that phone for catch nothing let's check this out for how many marks are on the board look at this and a pretty solid yeah I mean that paint is really it's been several coats the serious craftsmanship these are the nightmare that was a special pair of clogs your foot slips and falls right onto that have the worst heel bruise on my left 20 25 in ml 5 and then we're gonna get ready you're here to influence because this feet are smaller you know yeah he's big he's not what 11 [Applause] holy I cannot believe he's even walking I would never have jumped down the stairs like that you should put them on into it they feel like let alone farming them boardslide the rail flip it I want to stain it why did you skate it oh and I let me skate like a little social experiment walking around the park and see what everybody looks at when they look at me see the reaction good you stepped on those rocks right there how was it nice up on rocks uh-huh that's what I'm saying the perfect farming shoes dude my mind is blown yeah me too I'm never gonna farm again the same this is such a like Braille park you just see people riding around on this who like I would love to do like a little clip in this video if you like farming back lift the clogs [Applause] oh thank you yeah I can't believe we just hope he's not let Aaron skid on him yeah geez big is so terrifying first week Kiara I thought transition to be nice on these but really they're even worse I still think you got it I couldn't watch I didn't film I couldn't watch it just looks so cool it's like oh yeah look at my grip tape oh heck yeah it sounded awesome with fede and I both whenever there's any sort of like that's gonna hurt my feet we're always like come out what the insides of your feet that's kind of like ceramics no one like hit my feet together after watching Kelly doesn't make me feel any better let's see they're bleeding I'm retired least time to untie would like to thank everyone from the Netherlands for making the best shoes in the world Netherlands has something it's time to let kids try oh one down think you got it hey you got to represent when you're wearing you know that right – down who's next hi oh you just got finesse well you got you got that laser first try no toe drag no heel drag give us a review of the shoes champ honestly for what we've skated like shoes wise these are not as bad as like a lot of things like even soccer cleats I think our hardest these like at least you don't break they don't do anything they're pretty solid like you so would you farm in the plastics it's so funny that I would rock I think it's hilarious that's the new thing right there it is Jamba Juice without even asking huh man yeah he's gotten really excited unbelievably so huge huge huge huge huge thanks and I'm sure I'm pronouncing your name wrong node stop n o UD sto LK and if you guys could definitely check out his YouTube channel that would be really really really awesome exploring and me and we will put the link to it in the description below look he's using the shoes like normal he's farming there in the shoes nice thick wall pair of socks it looks like they're farming in we think these are pretty much the coolest shoes that have ever existed in the world how they smell they smell like what it's about 30 feet that's been in there I hope you guys enjoyed this video it was really really really really really fun to make please click that subscribe button watch all the other videos in this playlist learn to skateboard by getting skateboarding made simple thank you so that is in the description below as well thank you we love you we'll see you next video tomorrow we do daily the videos are daily

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