(upbeat music) – I love this movement. This is skaters with a band,
with a mini-band, okay. This you can use as part of a warm up, as part of a circuit. It’s all lower body, glutes, hips. It’s a lot of control
and requires stability. It requires focus. And there’s this part of you know deceleration. I love this movement. It looks like this alright. Put the bands. Now you wanna put the
bands on top of your knees because it’s definitely too hard to do skaters like this right? So you want the bands here, alright. This tension is okay, it’s not too tough, not too light, it’s just enough. So I’m gonna jump, gonna do
skaters from side to side. I’m gonna focus on a
big wide lateral jump. I’m not gonna make noise. I’m gonna shoot my hips back. I’m gonna land softly. I’m gonna control my landing, okay, awesome for your hip,
awesome for your ankle. Man I love this movement. Now the reason we have the band is that we want our hips to work hard, alright, so we want to prevent this. We don’t want to lose control. We wanna be you know, we want our hips to work right, so we’re gonna keep a
nice little open space. And I’m gonna use my arms, as you would as if you’re running. So I’ll go this way. (upbeat music) Once you feel comfortable, you pick up speed. Keep your chest up. Softly, land softly. Alright. I feel this in my hips, my quads, my heart rate’s going up. Okay that’s the skaters with mini-bands. (upbeat music)

Skaters With A Mini-Band
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  • November 8, 2018 at 4:51 pm

    Great exercise! Cant wait to try it!


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