Skaters Landing is a nationwide retailer and e-tailer
of ice skates, products, and services for the figure skating industry, with the tag line “Everything for skaters, just add ice.” We take advantage of free marketing online and we do have a full e-commerce website called When we invite people into our brick and mortar stores it’s a living room and we wanted to create that content online and that feeling like
you can come here and we can give you the knowledge you need to get into this great sport Some of the steps I took to get on the web were actually getting pushed by an employee who was really zealous and had a lot of passion for the web. I helped get Skaters Landing on the web first by building their new website which is up right now at That was really great because it divided products into categories that were user friendly and that people could navigate through and really learn a lot about what they were buying. When Twitter and Facebook became more popular, especially on the business front, we took Skaters Landing right on to those platforms which gave us the ability to speak to many more of our audience out there that weren’t in our brick and mortar stores or weren’t able to visit them. We really were able to reach out to new markets. I don’t look at them as a place to go to hard sell, but to really talk with people, answer some of the questions that people have. Recently we launched, which has been an even greater way to show people what we do in the stores everyday. Skaters Landing TV
is a streaming web channel with about 16 videos a month. They’re very informative, they are kind of fun. I call them edutainment, teaching
families that don’t know anything about skating how to find skates through to understanding what a proper skate sharpening is. I upload a video to YouTube, I carry it over to our platform via Yahoo and it’s there, streaming. They are a zero dollar entry game. That’s why it’s called free marketing. And with so
many platforms available now its really a no brainer for a business owner to go in and see exactly what is business specific to them. I can do it in my pajamas at home at whatever time I wake up in the morning. The best thing about free marketing is the fact that it is free. And for small businesses who are budget conscious this provides them with an opportunity
to really have a voice online so there’s multiple ways you can do free marketing. Connect directly
through a social network. Also you can blog and have other users come and find you.
Try to understand where your customers are online and then do a lot of research to
figure out how you can maximize the different free marketing options to reach out to these
customers. I think it is very important to have visuals and video content on a website. People who
provide good information and that have a good personality will prove to be pioneers and leaders as the web becomes more sophisticated.

Skaters Landing: Educate your Customers using Free Marketing
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