Hey, what’s up! This is Tim with Tactics, and I’m here to help you choose the hardness or durometer of your skateboard wheels. Skateboard wheels are made of cured polyurethane and their hardness is measured with the unit called durometer on the “Shore A” scale. Skateboard wheels range on the scale from 74a which is very soft, all the way up to 104a which is extremely hard. A wheels hardness drastically affects the way it skates. Hard wheels are more slippery which helps for most tricks, especially tricks that involve pivots and slides. We recommend choosing card wheels for skate parks and Street skating because it allows you to slide on flat ground, quarter pipes, ledges. and rails. Soft wheels give you lots of grip and let you roll smoothly over rough pavement but are less forgiving for doing most tricks. Soft wheels are best for cruising and longboarding, so we recommend soft wheels to anyone using their skateboard for transportation. If you’re a beginner, wheel hardness is less important but it can be helpful to have a softer wheel when you’re first getting comfortable on a skateboard because you’ll be less likely to get hung up on cracks and pebbles. We recommend choosing a wheel
that’s somewhere in the middle from 87 to 95a. One last thing, some companies
list their hardness differently. Spitfire lists theirs with a D for durometer instead of A. They’re using the same A scale so it means the same thing. Bones has some wheels that are so hard that they use the “Shore B” scale which is shifted 20 points down. So 84b on the B scale is the same thing as 104a on the A scale. If you got any questions at all, leave them in the box below, or just give us a call and we’ll help you get the answers you need.

Skateboard Wheel Hardness | Skateboard Buying Guide – Tactics
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