The Mandarin series was adapted based on the popular novel of the same name by Jiu Xiao Qi, also writing My Mr. Mermaid Wu Qian and Zhang Xincheng as childhood frenemies. However, both of them share a common dream for the ice Dramas starring Steven Zhang with Landy Li in the Drama series
My Huckleberry Friends (2017) as Lin Yang with Zhou Yu Tong in the Drama series
Young Blood (2019) as Yuan Zhong Xin with Deng Jia Jia in the Drama series
The Corridor Pavilion (2020) as Cheng Cheng The best dramas starring Janice Wu : with Kim Tae Hwan in the Drama series
My Amazing Boyfriend (2016) as Tian Jing Zhi with Eric Wang in the Drama series
The Fox Fairy Court (2016) as Yu Xiao Cui with Zheng Ye Cheng in the Drama series
An Oriental Odyssey (2018) as Ye Yuan An with Z. Tao in the drama series The Brightest Star in the Sky (2019) as Yang Zhen Zhen with Zhang Yu Jian in the Drama series
Le Coup de Foudre (2019) as Zhao Qiao Yi with Edward Zhang in the Drama series
Beauty From Heart (2020) as Tao Xiao Ting During elementary school, the timid and cowardly Li Yubing (Steven Zhang) had to endure his seat mate Tang Xue’s (Janice Wu) constant bullying. However, both of them share a common dream for the ice. When they reunite in university, Li Yubing has became the “ice god” of the Ice Hockey Team while Tang Xue is still lost and uncertain about the future Through Li Yubing’s set-up, Tang Xue became his “abused” assistant as payback for what she did The more they spend time together, the more Li Yubing notices Tang Xue’s good qualities. and that his courage to pursue his dream on the ice was inspired from Tang Xue With Li Yubing’s help, Tang Xue also gradually rediscovers her dream for speed skating. The two of them also became a couple after confessing their feelings toward each other. However, misunderstands occur when their past catches up to them. Meanwhile, new problems arise from the people around them as figure skating prodigy Yu Yan enters the picture and Tang Xue’s first love at school, Bian Cheng (Wei Tian Hao)who is now a first semester journalism student too at the same university. Zhou Ran’s most popular girl in her department is also Tang Xue’s cousin. College student first semester journalism, which is always at odds with Tang Xue because Zhou Ran likes Li Yu Bing too. Along with obstructions from their parents and injury from competition, as well as uncertainty in their future, Li Yubing and Tang Xue learns to overcome the difficulties and continue chasing their dream. Tang Xue (Janice Wu) A major in Veterinary science. Because of an accident, she gave up on her dreams as a short track speed skater. Tang Xue dreamed of being back on the ice and never
surrender, work hard and continuously improve himself
despite countless frustrations and torments. Li Yubing (Zhang Xin Cheng) is the Captain of the Ice Hockey Team at his University. He is known as an “Ice God” and has good abilities in all aspects. He is very cold but has compassion and responsibility Yu Yan (Zhou Li Jie) 17 years old, a genius on ice. He entered Lin Da University as a special student. he makes others can’t fight and surrender A major in journalism, and the most popular girl of her course. Tang Xue’s cousin, who is at odds with her. She likes Li Yubing but in the end she supported Tang Xue and Liu Yubing Jian Shi Jia (Cao Bo) Very wise hockey player Liao Zhenyu (Qin Tian Yu) A major in Medicine. Tang Xue’s close friend and high-school classmate. He likes Xia Menghuan. Xia Menghuan (He Xuan Lin) Tang Xue’s friend, a cute young girl, A major in Veterinary science. Tang Xue’s dorm-mate and close friend. Zhang Yuewei (Han Jiu Nuo ) A star player of the short track speed skating team. Bian Cheng (Wei Tian Hao ) A major in journalism. Tang Xue’s first love in high school.

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