happening downtown that people need to get to a holiday tradition getting underway in downtown Colorado Springs the skating rink at acacia Park is open yeah meteorologist Jeff Matthews live right now and I pulled it next to your Jeep earlier today in the parking lot Jeff and I believe it said I bleed hockey any body checks out there yet what are you doing [Laughter] you know nobody checked I’m watching for that kind of illegal or illicit actions on the ice here but we’re downtown in the springs at acacia Park where we’re enjoying opening night here on the ice I can’t tell you how cool it is here and I don’t mean temperature-wise you should come on down it’s free tonight and then it’s $10 and you get skates with that if you need them I got it but if you are under 4 years old it’s free and you get a military discount and it goes on until January the 21st but I’m telling you with the Christmas music with the Christmas lights and you have your sister and your brother-in-law skating around somewhere there’s only Sam digging enough morning it’s a great time meteorology convention there right now really anything goes wrong Robin Elizabeth just in case I was concerned people don’t blow whistle that would be really loud I was concerned people gonna see a guy walking around talking to himself on the sky looks so much

Skate in the park at Acacia Park opens Friday
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