Skate Canada Fund The leadership fund honours David Dore, an
innovative leader and supporter of figure skating in Canada and around the world. I
am Megan Foster. I am from Brandon, Manitoba, and I was one of the recipients of the David
Dore mentorship fund. I am a coach and work for Sport Manitoba in the sport management
field. My name is Amanda Gryniewski and I’m from
Mississauga Ontario. I am a recipient of the David Dore Mentorship Fund and I am an official
for Skate Ontario. I was fortunate enough to shadow Debra Armstrong at the “Planning
Together” workshop. It was really neat to see such a strong leader and within an hour
have everybody on the same page working toward the same goal. During the workshops I got
to present with Sally Rehorick and it was amazing. It was about what officials are doing
when they’re not holding a clipboard. I had to present about myself and it was talking
about leadership and followership which I think is really important in our sport right
now. It’s almost a little bit overwhelming my thoughts that are rolling through and how
I can apply and what will be have the most impact, specifically from Debra I think adding
in the personal touches she was able to make a specific comment about from a story at a
club for every person in the room from every different section throughout the presentation
and that was when people most responded was this happened and this is how we know and
this is the impact it had at the club level, sectional, and national level. I am trying
to trial judge higher levels right now and maybe branch out a little bit into the tech
side and I hope when I go back to our club that I can it would teach them the younger
kids and get them involved in judging as well because there aren’t a lot of sixteen year-old
judges right now but it would be nice if a new generation of judges came in.

Skate Canada Leadership Fund : Recipient Interviews
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