This video will be a commentary and I will
try to take you through the steps of learning the Side Jump, throughout. Now I wanted to comment about the first part
of this video. This is a good exercise to actually try. It
helps to align your hips and your shoulders. And it gets your stamina… up. It increases your staminda and endurance. Now you should do this before ice-skating
(going to the rink), whenever possible. And the next step here is you just want to
be getting used to running and jumping forwad. And than once you have that, …you can run and jump sideways. So now you’ll notice here I’m using one leg
to jump up sideways. You can try this. I’m not exactly convinced that this one foot
or two foot take-off, as you just saw was two feet – – that THAT exactly matters. But you want to assume a Side Jump position
in the air in step three. So step two is really just about just getting
sideways. It doesn’t matter one or two feet. You can see here, I’m using two feet throughout
now. And see how my body is now crouched over I’m almost have like a uhm martial artists
position in the air. And I’m going to demonstrate, or show you,
explain this to you. The front arm is out. I’m ducking my head
forward. This allows your knees up to your chest, and feet out forward. You want to get feet out f orward as much
as possible. Uh… the more so as you can possibly do,
but it depends on your flexibility. In this final clip I felt this was the best
run, the best try and I will explain to you WHY. See here I throw my arms up, above my head
and than I get into position. And the reason why you throw your arms above
your head is so you’re able to get the maximum amount of height. But once there, you’ll see my leading arm
is in front, the lead, and than the rear arm – – even in this second
clip here, is on a 90 degree almost. You don’t to be exact where you get your arms,
but as long as it feels comfortable to you, than that’s what counts. And you’ll also see here: watch my head. It ducks forward. And that is to be able to
get your feet in front of you, so… Once again, arms up, get into position and
duck your head FORWARD. And that is that. And than you bring the same
technique to the ice.

Side Jump tutorial – off ice (Xtreme Ice Skating)
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