yeah luckily it is yeah boy I kinda was less nervous coming into the 5k yesterday a little less stress but I didn't want to come out here and try to also win this one about my title yeah I wanted to take you with a mile to go it's kind of a plan just trying to make it an honest race to help all my teammates try to get as many as I could on the team as well so I won Sasa when you turn around and yeah I know I didn't she was then kind of nervous will last like 10 days and you know I knew she was really showing I knew she was ready for it so yeah it's just I was happy to see her come through on the day even even after since or she was I knew she was good to go but you know you gotta put it together on the day and some but she was able to do that yeah I mean like I said the plan was for me to take it with the mile to go I felt really good I felt calm and relaxed and it was starting to hurt a little bit towards the end but I knew I I was trying to save another year for that last hundred meters I think so as far as I know I like the 1500 a lot more I feel more confident in that in that race so that's kind of what I mean is this like just like one like for people that don't live in Iowa because it's like just right like just this the whole setting in the whole day and trying to get races in before you know delays it's just like like one of those Iowa yeah this is amazing this is like everything I could have asked for you know my family's out here all my Iowa fans and you can feel the love in the stadium especially for me and crisix chris is from here too so you can really feel the energy in the in the stand so it was really cool it was really cool day they got a double yeah yeah I would strawberry yeah good job shall we thank you oh no and they don't really get easier either so yeah I still got to try to bring it on the day and prepare as much as I can but everyone is you know that much better it says it's really cool what do you do to celebrate I'm going to zombie burger with my family I'm gonna have an awesome burger and a milkshake so that's the plan what's your like go – we're gonna go to that I kind of switch it up every time like I think last time I got one was like go cheese on it and like I maybe for shooter not sure it was really good they're always really good milkshakes are awesome so if you haven't been I highly recommend yeah I I don't feel as like tip-top shape but at the same time I don't need to be right now that was kind of the plan coming into this into this race the main focus was trying to give me as fit as I could to make the role team and then we're really going to buckle down and train really hard to get ready to try to medal at Worlds

Shelby Houlihan wins the women's 5,000 at the U.S. Outdoor Track and Field Championships

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