I’ve been DJing since 1988.
I started taking DJing
same time I started taking
basketball seriously.
Music was the cushion for me
after practice.
Music was the cushion
for me during stress,
and still is.
Music is the thing that just,
you know, makes you feel good.
That’s why I love
all genres of music.
( music playing )How are you? – Nice to meet you.
– Good seeing you. What’s up with
all these cameras? Cameras? What cameras?
( chuckles ) Ah, we’re doing a little shoot
b-roll stuff today. – Cool. All right.
– Barbershop. ‘Cause barbershops are cool
these days. Yeah. So just kinda clean it up,
usual, nothing drastic. Yeah.
Nothing crazy. ( indistinct chatter )( music playing )– Pull it?
– Yeah. – No.
– Turn around, don’t move. No way, dude. I ain’t gonna mess you up.
Don’t worry about it. – I know what I’m doing
on the sides.
– No way. – Where are you from?
– Austin. – Oh, Texas.
– Yes, sir. I used to live in Pflugerville
a long time ago. – Really?
– Yes. – I’m from San Antonio.
– That’s right. That last one
didn’t sound right. ( laughing ) You said you wanted close. Now you do the rest.( music playing )On the way to the games,
I already got my playlist set. I’m driving the same way.
I’m listening to the same songs. If it’s a game to where
I need to really go off, I gotta listen
to something hard. ‘Cause I gotta come
into the game angry, and I have to come
into the game and destroy you. But anytime during
a playoff situation, and that’s what
these sets are, for me, when I do it in sets,
it’s like a playoff situation. You got a large amount of people
that paid money to see you
perform, so you gotta step up. As long as I think
I’m in a basketball game and just focus on the crowd,
everything’s fine. Do I get nervous?
I get nervous all the time. But once I see the crowd, it’s just like Kobe
gave me a drop-off, I dunked it,
crowd goes crazy, so that’s what I focus on
’cause it ain’t about me. It ain’t about, you know,
it’s about the crowd
having fun. ‘Cause they’re the hard-working
people that really paid
their hard-earned moneyto come and see you perform,
so just try to give them
a great show.
I learn from everybody.
Everybody, like, I watched
Steve Aoki,
how he interacts
with the crowd.
I’ve seen Skrillex,
how he takes up with the crowd. And, you know, similar to when
I was a young basketball player, you know, you–
Michael Jordan. Take some of that.
Magic Johnson. I’m gonna take some of that,
and, you know, you create
your own style. My father told me
a long time ago if a dad
is gonna spend money for his son to watch
you perform, make sure you give them
a great show.

Shaq’s Backstage Barbershop
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3 thoughts on “Shaq’s Backstage Barbershop

  • September 5, 2019 at 7:43 pm


  • September 5, 2019 at 8:10 pm

    Though I'm gonna see him perform and it should have been a celebrity prank on multiple people, he doesn't smile much like he does, prob really into performing on stage.

  • September 6, 2019 at 3:01 am

    shaq help me get on at Loloapalooza dj my music


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