Shaker Recreation is a very unique
department. We have both an ice skating rink and a pool located in one park,
which is great because it’s a place for the community to get together year-round. I’m always excited when I see seniors skating… Good to see you! How you doing? Sorry, I did it again! Did you want to be in here with me? No, we’re not kidding you.
I think there’s a couple of reasons why I know so many people at the facility
here. I’m not the type of person who sits behind my desk; I like to understand what
goes on in people’s lives. I understand what makes them tick, and it’s really
just a delight to watch young people grow into themselves. One of our main
goals is to bring people together and provide a safe environment for all
people to be at. My favorite thing about working in Shaker Heights is the
diversity. We have, I would say, one of the most diverse staff that we’ve ever had.
It’s definitely enjoyable to see children at a young age be able to
interact with other children from other ethnicities and other backgrounds as
well. Shaker is just a really wonderful community; really unique. It’s very
welcoming. They really have strong neighborhoods here.
It really helps us stay strong as a community.

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