hey this is really warm and this is my setup so I'm rocking the revolve vocals right now they hold up really good a lot of nice camber in them as you can see the camber definitely helps with jumping it gives you like an extra up off the jump so these are the gesture pro marker bindings I've never once broken one of these bindings and they've always been attached to my skis so that's really good ice always break my old bindings these are the de bello alluro I've never had a boot just fit on the first day they're a little bit stiffer they do a 120 flex so that's really good for when you land switch you don't come out on your toes bowlegged goggles and I got the mirror lenses on them there's a little button so it makes it really convenient from switching lenses out two clicks and they're back in thanks for watching my setup and if you guys are interested in getting any of the stuff I have go to your local shop I truly recommend these products and I think you guys still snag it back [Applause]

Setups: Willie Borm’s Competition Slopestyle Ski Gear
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