– Hi, I’m Lena. I’m the children’s librarian at the Alford
and Linwood branches and this is my mom, Louise. – I think my favorite part of Sesame Street
was… first, it was the values that it taught because it really stressed kindness, acceptance
of others no matter what color, size they were. You know, yellow… yellow bird, Big Bird
and red Elmo. And also just they were so happy all the time,
the joy. – Except for Oscar the Grouch.
– Yeah, that was good to put him in, too. – The realism. – Exactly, really good to put him in. And what to do with somebody when they were
grouchy. How to deal with them kind of thing. So I really, really liked the values to start
out with. But that transitioned into when I realized
you were learning all the letters, all the numbers, and how to read. Literally Lena taught herself from Sesame
Street how to read because I wasn’t a big proponent of teaching kids to read before
they started kindergarten because I thought they would be bored. But she, without me doing anything whatsoever,
taught herself to read by the end of 3 years old. – And Sesame Street, they also have the real
kids playing together and songs and… – Songs, that’s true. – It’s like a party. Like an educational party. – Yeah. – It’s a good way to make learning fun and
interactive, like a lot of times they talk directly to the kids on the show, which is
fun and it’s a good way to practice and we have Sesame Street books too with the characters, so
to kind of cross over things that they’re interested in then they can check it out.

Sesame Street 50th Anniversary: Ms. Lena Looks Back
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