I’ll go for Supply rish there’s sniper gold here I have sniper here where? it’s in me, wait thanks Do you have bullet of that? I have do you have a bullet? i have there is one person in south in south rish there is one person it’s fun you saw it? you’re so far you’re lagging? there is one person here rish Where? I see it there is one here come South in your back rish on the road there’s more here rish that’s all mine? the other one is your’s and the other one is mine ok ok behind the stone it’s there just one hit there is an enemy here ah, you can skateboard rish there’s one here rish just press ctrl there’s an enemy it’s here, come here just two left ah, three three one down the other one is in the bridge dead
at your back where? how many are they? three you have RPG? no, i only have grenade throw a grenade, wait where? one knock down throw a grenade i’m knock down, just one left dead
oh good good, no more i don’t have materials hahaha turn, the skateboard cant turn use mouse can turn? yes let’s jump i have one here the circle is so far

[SEASON 5] Skating | We had so much Fun (Creative Destruction)
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  • March 21, 2019 at 11:29 am

    Greetings, I am from Indonesia … continue to work for video.. Good luck


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