– Hey guys, welcome back to… – (Everyone shouts)That YouTube Family! – And guess what time it is… It’s time for another Sardines. – Whooo!! – Sardines in the snow, so the way that this one is gonna work, is the person who hides, in this case Audrey will be first, gets to wear this camouflage outfit because it is snowy, as you can see outside. And then we’re all going to try to find this person. We have some rules of where we can and can’t go here in the woods, but there’s plenty of hiding spaces and this should be really fun. – Before we go into the Sardines game, I wanna read two letters suggesting to play Sardines. So this one is from Lauren King, it says, “Dear That YouTube Family, I’m Lauren, I don’t have a YouTube channel but, I’d like to say a
few things about you. Jordan, you are kind and
you work with things. Audrey, you know how to handle things. Ty, you are really cool. Jake, you are brave and kind-hearted kid. Mom, you are very nice. Dad, you make sure everyone is okay”. Oh and then on the back she drew a Christmas tree! “Your peep, Lauren. P.S, you should play Sardines.” Woop woop. Thank you so much, Lauren for suggesting that we play Sardines. This is her Christmas tree that she drew for us, this is so cute. The next letter is from Dominic. I really like the front, because it has all of these decorations on it, it’s pretty cool. Alright, “Dear That YouTube Family, I love your videos, they’re the best. My favorite videos, are
the Sardines videos. Can you do another game of Sardines? We wil be, in this video. Ayy! “I live in California
and I’m nine years old. My YouTube name is Just Dominic 27. I wanna know what all the kids favorite colors are, mine is red”. Mine is pink. “I want to know what they’re favorite sports are, mine is baseball, soccer and football”. My favorite sport, I’d say… If you count dancing as a sport, I’d say dancing or ice skating. “Do you have a pool at your house”? No. “I wanted you to do a pool challenge, like the best tricks. I like your dog Logan, he’s really cute. What are your kids’ favorite food”? I like a potato bar. “You’re the best YouTube videos ever. I like when the second Sardines video, when Logan was seating in the front seat”. That one was really funny. “I like the video on Jake and Ty, with the, Who Tooted? Plus Fart Spray”. Oh, that video was a ton of fun. You should go watch it if you haven’t seen it already. “I hope you like my letter, bye! Your biggest fan, Dominic.” Thank you so much Dominic. We will be doing the Sardines video, in this video right now. Thank you for suggesting it. – Lets get started! Audrey’s going first. – Okay, its my turn to hide. I’m gonna go where they can’t see me. Oh, there’s so many
places here to hide in. Its gonna be hard trying to find everyone. (Gasping) Gotta make it before they… they stop counting. If you know, I’m good at track, to where I’m gonna go. I’m hiding here. Gotta make it underneath the table. Okay, so I’m underneath the table, hopefully… Hopefully, they won’t be able to find me. But we’ll see. That was a workout. – So Audrey, we let her
go about a minute ago, a minute and a half ago, to go hide and so now we’re gonna go find her. So, ready? Here we come! – [Mom] Go. – [Kid] Woo! – [Kid] It’s gonna be
hard to run in the snow – (heavy breathing) – My hair’s gonna get really wet. – [Audrey] This is still Audrey cam. – [Audrey] Here they come. I can see Jordan rubbing his hands. – [Mom] This is definitely
harder to move in snow than it is on normal floors indoors. – [Mom] Okay, they are all running. I have a feeling they found her. – [Aubrey] I think Dad spotted me. He’s found me, they found me. They found me. – [Aubrey] That wasn’t hard. I think Mom found me too. – [Mom] They found her,
she’s down by the table Ah! – [Kid] What? She’s down by the table hiding. (heavy breathing) – [Audrey] I think everyone found me. Mom has found me for sure. All I got to do is beat Jacob! Go track her. – I found her first. I found Audrey laying
under the table first. – Its very hard to get underneath here. – [Mom] And there’s Audrey. – Its so hard to get underneath here. (laughing) Well, everyone found me. – [Dad] Okay. – [Mom] Jacob was the last
person to find Audrey. Good hiding place. – [Dad] That was a good hiding place. – Hello Okay, its my turn to hide. I’m gonna go try… a place kinda far away. Gotta find edge of our great boundaries. Lets see, if I can stay hidden. Oh, there’s a wheelbarrow up here. I’m gonna go hide up
here by the wheelbarrow. For some reason there’s this wheelbarrow just sitting out here in
the middle of nowhere. I’m gonna use that, as part of my cover. Because.. It is colorful, and it may throw their… their eyes out for looking at me. Its over the top. – Its time to find Dad. – [Mom] Lets go guys. – [Mom] They can run fast. I don’t have the energy to run as fast as these kids. Okay, do we see anything that looks suspicious like a lump. A lump of snow and branches somewhere. That’s what we’re looking for. – [Girl] The branches don’t even fit in with the snow . – [Mom] Lets go find a lump. – (whispering) Okay, so I’m hiding underneath the blanket, by the wheelbarrow. It has snow, see if they can find me. Its actually a pretty good camouflage. – [Girl] Oh, I’m already tired. – [Mom] I know My legs are sore from walking in this. – [Mom] My bet is he
hid over in this area, because Audrey hid in a different area last time. – Shh, they’re coming. (kids screaming) – [Mom] Oh no, they find him? Oh shoot. Oh, the kids found him. Oh. Time to go be the last. – [Girl] I saw him from way back over from the starting spot. So I was true, I was like oh, he’s probably not over there. – [Mom] There’s the
suspicious lump of branches. Ty’s sitting right next to Dad, can you see him? – [Ty] I saw him. – [Mom] Where’s Dad? – Right there. – [Mom] Dad is that lump
of bushes right there. – [Dad] Yeah, buddy. (dad laughs) – [Girl] How’d you do that? – [Dad] How did you see me? – [Audrey] I saw a lump and I was like, run! – [Mom] Its all we’re
looking for, its lumps. – [Dad] You just looked for lumps? – Okay, so Audrey already
went so it’s Jordan’s turn. – [Jordan] I’m ready to hide! (laughs) Alright, its my turn to hide. I’m gonna hide by, where their counting, and then… When they all go out, to find me, I’ll be like right there. But they won’t see me, because I’ll be hiding behind the trailer. (upbeat piano music plays) I’m here. – [Mom] Time to go get Jordan! – Yeah! – [Dad] Go! – [Dad] You better run. – I’m not running, I can’t run this. – [Dad] Run. – I’ll walk it. – [Dad] You’ll never be first. – I know. – [Dad] Run. – That’s the plan. – This is hard running in the snow We thought that the
house it was a workout, it is definitely a workout out here in the outdoors. – [Dad] Audrey doesn’t see her. Do you see her? – [Dad] We could’ve
just walk right pass her and not even known. How we doing Ty? – [Ty] Fine, its freezing cold snow’s bothering. – They didn’t find me, I thought they heard me coming up. Looks like they didn’t. – One of the things out here that can give us away is you look at the snow, there’re not too many tracks. So, if you look for fresh tracks. About size seven’s, think
that’s Jordan’s size, we might be able to find her. – I think they found her. Lets see. – [Mom] Dang it! – [Dad] That would’ve
been a good hiding spot. – [Mom] I know, all the wood. – [Jordan] They’re all
like, way over there. I can pretty much be
as noisy as I want now, cause they’re not gonna come back to the place they started at, hiding, started counting with. (laughing) – [Dad] Hmm, that’ll be
a good spot right there. Where is Jordan? – [Ty] Where, where’s Jordan. – [Dad] That was Dad’s
hiding spot right over there. – What! – [Dad] I’m gonna follow
these, snow-prints. But, I think these are Jordan’s. (laughing) Follow her footprints. Okay, these footprints left from where the wheelbarrow was at and
they’re headed this way. I don’t think they’re mine. I think these are Jordan’s. – [Ty] But why are these
ones going backwards. – [Dad] And there’s Mom up there, looking for her. I didn’t see Audrey. Oh, there’s Audrey. Jake and Ty. – [Kid] Audrey’s gone, oh wait nevermind. – And now we wait. As you can see, I’m very camouflaged and I’ve got all of my gear on. No one’s gonna ever find me. Then I walked, I tried
to walk in the path-ways that I’ve already made, cause I snuck around the place that we are hiding like, beforehand when we’re, making all the tracks to lose everyone, so that way we won’t be able to find where everyone was. I made a track going around this place, cause I knew that this is where I was gonna hide. And I just followed that track, and so I have a feeling no on will find me. – Good hiding spot Jordan? I don’t know where you went. Wherever you are, you’re blending in really, really good. Alright, lets keep
following those footprints. – [Dad] And then there’s stairs here. – [Kid] This is Jake’s footprints. – [Dad] Aw man, who got in the footprints? – Jake. – [Kid] But where are they Jordan, right? – [Dad] Anything? – [Mom] No, she is hiding really good – [Mom] Did you check the outhouse, Jake? – [Jacob] What? – Maybe she hid in the outhouse. (playful piano plays) – [Dad] Oh oh, I think we found her. Holy-cow, we cannot find her. We have no idea, where’s Jordan. – Its actually not too bad, cause they’re all on the opposite side of the campsite. So I could just sit here and talk… I think there’s someones here. No, they’re all on the other side of the campsite, I
thought I heard someone. Look, I could just sit up. No one’s gonna find me here. I kinda wanna go on the opposite side of the R.V now and switch spots but, I don’t think that’s allowed. I’m going to. Lets go on the opposite side. Now I’m sitting right in the spot where they counted, for the hider. All I had to do was just sneak around and now I’m here so, I don’t think anyone will find me. The good thing about this is that, I don’t have to whisper. And I’m nice and warm
because of all the camo gear is like warm. Well, this is gonna be a long round no-one’s gonna find me. All of the other times
that we played Sardines, where we try and hide next to the people that are counting and then… Sneak into the place
that they were counting, it has always failed. Except for this time its worked so, I have a feeling no-ones gonna find me. I thought for sure,
they were gonna hear me when I was walking up here. Cause I was pretty noisy, like, my snow-pants were noisy, I was just noisy in general. – I think Audrey found her. – [Audrey] Just tricking ya. – [Dad] What? (Audrey laughing) – Audrey tricked me, she made us, run all the way down here. – [Mom] She’s dork. – [Dad] Cause she’s not
hiding in the graveyard. The river’s of limits,
so she’s not supposed to be down by the river. I’m about ready to call her good. I say, we all get the
van and leave Jordan. – [Dad] Can you find her? – No. – [Dad] Ty? – I give up. – [Dad] You give up? You know where you can find Jordan. Alright, we can’t find her. So, she’s got to give us a hint. Jordan, whistle! – [Mom] You still won! – Where you at Jordan? You won! That’s the first time someones won. And it was Jordan. – [Kid] Jordan, give us a clue! – I’m over here! They’ve given up I think, cause they calling for me. – [Dad] Oh, I heard her. She came up back to camp. – I see Dad. Whoa, I just fell. They all found me now I didn’t know if that was like, I was supposed to call them or stay down here. – Where were you? – [Jordan] Hiding back
here the whole time. – [Audrey] How? – [Jordan] I was sneaky. – I thought you were
calling cause you thought I was lost or something. – [Dad] We did. – Oh. – [Dad] We thought you’d
get eaten by a mountain lion. – No, I hid behind this, this truck thing, and then when you guys all went to leave, I snuck around here and… Here I am. – [Dad] Good job Jordan. – Thanks. – [Dad] Good job. – [Dad] It’s Tyler’s turn and Tyler, he gets hidden by the whole thing. Have fun, Go! I’ll let you walk. (Dad laughs) – [Dad] Okay, that’s all I can see. Alright, how hard was that to find Jordan? – It was tough, I thought something bad had happened to her cause she was nowhere. – That’s why… – Nowhere. – That’s why, when I heard them start calling for me,
that’s why I was like, I’m here! – So, we’re not giving the Ty, the vlog, for this round because
there’s a lot of snow and we don’t want it all soaked in snow. So, this time, Dad will have a camera and Jordan will have a camera. But Ty will not. – [Dad] Okay, we ready? – [Girl] Lets go find Ty-Ty. – [Dad] Its been about
a minute and a half, set.. – I’m gonna hide with
this blanket right now. Go! – [Girl] Hi Ty. (laughing) – [Dad] Jake was the last one to find him. – [Mom] Actually, I wouldn’t
have seen him except for Audrey. (all laughing) – [Girl] That’s a good one. – [Girl] I heard you
bump against the truck, I was what the hell, and then I look under and I saw you, I’m like… – [Dad] That was funny though. – [Mom] That was funny,
I wouldn’t have seen him. – [Kid] I would have. – Jake’s hiding but doesn’t have a camera. – I’ve got the camera this time. – Cause we don’t want the
cameras dunked in snow. – We’re gonna go find Jacob, lets go. – Gotta see if I can find him first. – [Girl] I can’t run in the snow. – [Dad] I know its hard to run, isn’t it? – I bet he went and hid in the bathroom, gonna go find out. If he did. Lets go see. – [Dad] Nope. Oh, I see him. Okay, I see him. Lets see if you can. Where could he be? I have no idea. Let’s sit here and rest a second. – Can’t find him. – [Jordan] I can’t find him. Arg! Is everyone gone? No, they aren’t, okay. I was gonna say. I can’t run anymore. – He blends in really good. Alright, where’d they all go? There’s Ty-Ty, walking through the woods. And there’s Mom. And there’s Jordan. Audrey’s over there somewhere. Audrey’s over there somewhere. And me, I’m just gonna
hang out here because, there’s a strange looking rock right here. That keeps moving, I’m gonna kick some stuff up I don’t think anyone else has seen him. I’ll hide him a little bit better. So, if you were to just be looking, if you were to just be
looking across here. There he’s right there. That is a dang good spot. He’s out in the open. Sometimes they say the best place to hide, is out in the open, because everybody’s looking, everybody’s over here looking behind different bushes and obstacles. Nobody even thought to look right out in the open. So, good job Jacob. Okay, so I’m sitting
here just a little bit far away from Jake,
sitting here by the rocks. There’s Ty-Ty. – [Jordan] Tyler has
supposedly found Jacob. So, I’m following him. Oh my gosh! How did you do that Jake? Wow, he’s hidden in the snow. Wow, that’s crazy. – [Dad] He’s right out here in the open. – [Jordan] I did not see him at all. So far Dad, me and Tyler has found Jacob. I can’t believe. That he’s hiding right there. Lets just pretend that we’re chilling here because we tired, okay? – [Dad] We can’t find him, we’re just too tired. – [Audrey] What the heck? – [Jordan] We’re too tired. – Yeah, I can’t find him either. (Dad laughs) – Oh, I’m so tired – [Girl] Oh no. – [Dad] Uh oh. – [Dad] Oh, there he is. – [Jacob] I buried myself. – How’d you bury yourself? – I just covered snow on me. – [Girl] How did you do that? – I just went, psst, psst. – [Girl] That’s smart. – How did you get covered at the back? – [Dad] Good job. – I think Dad saw me because I was moving my arms to cover more snow on me. – [Dad] And then I covered up your feet. – Let me put that in the… – And then I’m sweating… – [Dad] Oh yeah? – Like crazy. – Alright, so its my turn
to hide and they’re all going back down to the seekers spot. And I’m going to try find
a good place to hide. I don’t know where that is yet. But it won’t be far. Okay, just gonna hide in the back of this, trailer. And here comes Audrey. That was not fair, hide… Hide behind the trailer. You guys didn’t give me time. – Alright, so far only Audrey and I have found Mom. – I saw her while she
was going to hide so, it wasn’t really fair. – [Jordan] Tap on Mom. That’s a good hiding spot. – [Mom] Not really! – [Jordan] Oh, I see Jacob. – Hi. – [Girl] Jacob found
us, now it’s just Dad. – [Audrey] Dad found us,
he’s the last finder. – [Dad] Mom’s in the wheelbarrow. – [Mom] Last finder! (Dad laughing) – [Dad] Oh that’s cool. – Thanks for watching, if you enjoyed this video give it a thumbs-up. Subscribe and Share. Bye! (Happy Pop Music)

SARDiNES In The Snowy Mountains – Who Survives The Longest? / That YouTub3 Family Family Channel

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