well Jeff if history has taught us one figure than Austin math users should be able to pick up right where he left off can’t wait to watch his magic and this power play is suffered without him Riley back for Matthews Austan Matthews Morgan Rielly again trying to move away [Applause] welcome back Austin no tears the Toronto power play connects in a hurry you’ve got so many options and we’ve seen this play a million times but then the unbelievable vision hello Riley there that little saucer over and then there’s the vision a two on old down-low the San Jose Sharks have only allows [Applause] pentakill with the National Hockey League and the Leafs just made it look pretty dumb did they on the jackets for occupied cancer is hassan manikyam dropping it Matthews right back on it Austin Matthews back to the point pretty generous in restaurants – I hear these will pay for the shot by Anderson [Music] [Applause] chambers had stopped the reader at office that the Pavelski Pavelski pants it offers the chair back to the point Eric Carlson Bert Logan Kutcher in the for her off his skate Carlson fires that’s why dat emotional Jason town knocked it back up foreclosure Logan cachoeira – Kevin LePage he’ll wait with it Saturday boxcars Thomas hurdle right on the doorstep paints at home power play goal and we’re tied at one well this is very much like the Leafs goal away the Sharks moving around here they through the seat and some rooms and government here it tries to get a hold of the pocket actually slows the puck down for hurdle and puts it up with a T ended up great the stick of hurdle and assurance can bring back to the power play is by this up over the martyr drops it to the point Morgan Rielly Dawson [Applause] [Music] it’s not fair great during the commercial break you got timorous and Matthews having a little chat setting things up from the power of play and Traverse with the first chance but cut recover he gets it break back and now the loose set it up back to the point Matthews ready for this [Applause] off the crossbar back there in Delft frozen on that shot they have to fix the neck in behind Frederick Anderson is now the puck comes going down at us we couldn’t get a stick on it type it up for them that coming back the other way martyr with a broken stick [Applause] play my martyr that bad the news stick and set it up well great work for the training staff of the least here to get this stick in a hurry and they may get the cyst because here he goes to the radio frame now he ends up with the puck and tumors with another kit there is the sticks broken I need a stick I need his dick Bobby he’s dead ready to go there it is now he’s involved in the play watch the puck [Applause] as he comes up big and gets the stick in a hurry in the nuts on earth Jake gardener and sit up and his speeds at over Johnson is there got it onto the link for Patrick Marleau down on the corner yawns eject gather at the point will thrown across relieved Oh back to Jake garner in time [Applause] people with a nice little pass back to Gardner he gets it away in a hurry in it’s a shot past the Johansson and if there’s Barlow wide open and he just throws it into the empty net Johnson back on the moments when they could avoid burns fires stop Beansie trying to clear it out settle down on the chefs are on it Brent burns waits feeds it across forfeiture back for Birds stars Joe Pavelski with the one-time shot Anderson got some of it but just not enough and it’s a power play goal to make it a 4-2 game burns here just puts him right on the tee and actually that puck might have been going wide but Anderson as he cuts back into the net of hits if the pad goes by hole awesome Matthews who to help [Applause] for capping it and just couldn’t bury back the other way is captain in with it handling captain with speed picks up boats to the quarter-mile blasted happening drops it back was a gallon that kicked up and down rebound out of the reach of Matthews Austin Matthews at but per capita off his stick really strong minutes the first four bundles big win on the faceoff by Barkley control and the Sharks get it out in here comes burns with it buries cutting to the head to the shot away a bowl brown on it rolling puck over ferocious again often it hopped over his stick and he’ll play hockey and off the leg of ryan conner brown on it again of the car were cut from although with a chance he’s got it back than a backhand shot a shot by Del a three-pack down for murder around the pole vaulter surviving [Music] [Applause] he’s got it in hangs on is he getting the Leafs food around Morgan Rielly through traffic and tomorrow’s tries to pull it around the pad and a real nice play by Dell just to get his pad on it Vander team picked him up the jack to the line is hitting the five goals that we were wearing on Saturday night they choked a Jets fans [Applause] Pete’s live in the pad Barca same here because this goes in obviously this be well it almost worked had tons going right on him to the point turned his fans out of an hour break Evander cane racing in the side to hold on to take the whistle to the point here’s Gardner within with a shot tips it out and he nearly came back to Matthews in the slide [Music] [Applause] Dell was a good safe to start the sequence Odin again it’s been puck recovery by the Toronto Maple Leafs [Applause] nice touch this yusin with a great shot top shelf right up top again and watch his stick right there and I think it’s tips that you’re probably going to see this goal give it the Matthews before this nights over play the front for Tamara’s just couldn’t get it onto a stick sliding the putt back to [Applause] and he won’t play it up ahead dunks going down the wing in Park Stoppers kouko-san on the redirect gets it by Henderson and the shocks are within two with just under two to go [Applause] [Music] at once sit straight at home all by multiple goals with a 5-3 victory here over the Sheriff’s

San Jose Sharks vs Toronto Maple Leafs | NHL | NOV-28-2018 | 20:30 EST
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