Hi, welcome to today’s video. Today we look at the stick:
Salming Hawk Tourlite TouchPLUS SMU The stick is with flex 27. It’s a SMU collection. That means it’s a limited edition. And you can find it only with us! The staff is well balanced. The stick has a flex 27. This flex is for stronger players. Flex 27 is not for beginners. The stick will not move, unless you can do it technically. As a result, the balloon flies slowly. The stick has Tourlite technology. This means that the stick is light and super balanced. Grip ULTIMATE sits super in hand. Of course you will need to replace it after some time. Like any grip. Plug The plug is as big as the other Salming sticks. This plug will help you control your stick well. Salming bet on the classic. The main positive is the blade. You can choose between HAWK or QUEST1 balde. Hawk blade is well curved and great for slap shot. Quest 1 blade is straight and excellent for technical players. Let’s take a look at the playground! Salming bet on a proven classic. The stick did not surprise me so much. The stick is light. The balls flew quickly. Hawk blade helped me great! Hawk blade will forgive you a lot of technical mistakes. You can also choose the second variant of Quest 1. Quest 1 blade is for technical types of players. It will not forgive you so many mistakes, but it will improve your shots. !!! The most important information: The stick is in 40% discount !!! This is the Christmas prize! This stick is a super gift for Christmas! With this gift you will enchant everyone !!! If you liked this video, just like it! Comment and subscribe for more cool videos! See you next time! Merry christmas!

Salming Hawk Tourlite TouchPLUS SMU
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