and on top of reduce to work hours the
nature of work is also changing fast and we’ve been seeing the rise of the
so-called the gig economy while more people are finding work/life balance and
now a growing number of workers here in Korea are choosing to take on second
jobs Oh Sooyoung tells us why 32 year-old
woman is a sales employee by day but from 6 p.m. onwards he is a
skateboarding instructor using an online platform to match teachers with students
who makes anywhere between twenty and a hundred percent of his monthly wage from
teaching skateboarding and he also gets to share his passion with students from
a wide range of Ages and backgrounds teaching others and sharing with them
what I love gives me a real sense of accomplishment and the fact that it’s
good exercise helps me feel refreshed rather than wear me out after work doing
my desk job and teaching skateboarding really gives me the best of both worlds
teaching how to skateboard is just one example of how Koreans in their 20s and
30s are increasingly taking on sly jobs after work not just for the extra
paycheck but also to pursue their passion and share their skills with
others college instructor Contagion teaches leadership at a university in
incheon but during his free time he works as a professional translator given
the long summer and winter holidays in the academic year it’s a way of
stabilizing his income through meaningful tasks being able to work on
different kinds of projects or being able to see different movies or dramas
that I’ve translated on air I find that very fulfilling hyung has
been using an online platform where clients can send a request for
professional services in diverse areas from marketing and programming solutions
to makeup in drawing classes 9 out of 10 experts on our platform are working
second jobs in the past people weren’t so open about taking side jobs but now
with online platforms such as ours there is an active marketplace where we can
easily find a work that you can deal South Korea’s 52 hour work week policy
which went into effect last year has also increased the number of people
seeking side jobs according to Park the trend is also seen as a part of the
global shift towards the gig economy as work conditions become more fluid and
flexible in the era of the fourth Industrial Revolution Oh Sooyoung
Arirang news

Sales worker by day, skateboarding coach by night: How young Koreans are working diverse side jobs
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