when you are interested in starting to ride snowmobiles one big yet basic question you'll face is how do I get started start by determining the writing opportunities near where you live and the sort of writing you hope to do does your home region feature groom trail networks or do you have access to mountains and legal to ride and open lands and how will you ride on your own sled or two up with a passenger will you ride mostly on trails in deep snow or both on and off trail will you go tour riding and spend nights away from home or enjoy day trips and end up at home each night by deciding where you'll ride and how you'll ride you'll get an idea of what type of sled to shop for you'll also determine if you need a trailer and what type of riding gear is best suited to your riding style consulting friends who our experienced snowmobilers will prove most helpful they can provide answers and advice and recommend outstanding full-service dealerships if you don't know riders contact a local snowmobile club to find one near you do an internet search for snowmobile clubs in your state or province you'll find riders are eager to share their experiences and offer advice once you're ready head to a snowmobile dealership describe your riding goals and consider the models the dealership staff recommends experienced sales associates will help you select the right sled the accessories you'll need and riding gear that will help keep you warm dry and comfortable out in the snow a good dealership is your best source of maintenance products such as oil spark plugs and a spare drive belt your dealer will also be your best provider of service and repairs some dealers offer offseason sled storage you can choose to buy a new snowmobile or a pre-owned machine pre-owned sleds are available from dealerships and from private individuals dealers often sell their pre-owned machines with warranty coverage or service packages which provides you with peace of mind if you consider buying a pre-owned sled from an individual have an experience snowmobiler help you assess the machine a savvy rider will help evaluate the machines condition how it sounds when running its accessories or modifications and whether the asking price is fair you can find great pre-owned snowmobiles but like buying a car there can be some uncertainty when buying from a private party while dealers will stand behind what they sell there's no assurance a private seller will do so there will be no return opportunity and certainly no warranty whether you choose to buy a new or pre-owned snowmobile shop wisely and get out there and enjoy the snow [Applause]

Safe Riders! Chapter 2: Getting Started in Snowmobiling

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