[SIREN WAILING IN DISTANCE] Johnny. Hi. Hi. I’ll go get Miguel. I’m not here for Miguel.[HERE I GO AGAINPLAYING]♪ No, I don’t know
where I’m going
♪ But I sure know
where I’ve been
♪ Oh Lord, I pray you give me
strength to carry on
♪ ‘Cause I know what it means♪ To walk along
the lonely street of dreams
♪ And here I go again
on my own
♪ Goin’ down the only road
I’ve ever known
♪ Like a drifter
I was born to walk alone
♪ And I’ve made up my mind♪ Baby♪ And I ain’t wasting
no more time
on my own
♪ Goin’ down the only road
I’ve ever known ♪
Bacon and eggs. I even bought you
the Minute Maid because I know you hate
the fancy stuff. Thanks, Mom.
How’s the guest bedroom? You have everything
you need? No, no. It’s fine.
What about you? I feel like
I’m coming down
with a fever. I don’t wanna get
Amanda sick. A fever? Mmm. Fever. Right. You might wanna work on that
so you can get off the couch. I know. I’m working on it. [TRAINEES GRUNTING
IN DISTANCE] Wait. [CHUCKLES] Aren’t we supposed
to be leading warm-ups? Yeah, but your grandma’s
staying at the house, so this is the only
private time
we’re gonna get. You know we’re gonna have to
tell my parents at some point. It’s just
not great timing. They’re in the middle
of a fight. So we’ll wait
for the right time. DEMETRI:
Hey, guys, check it out! Look what I found.
It was just sitting
in these rocks. Is that Mr. Miyagi’s
Medal of Honor? That’s crazy. We looked
all over for this. Huh. Must have been here
the whole time. [INDISTINCT CHATTER] Did you see
how she looked at me
when I said, “Two lumps”? [GIGGLES] Oh, good morning.
Are you heading out? I think Miguel left already. Oh, yeah, yeah.
Just, uh, on my way, so… Johnny, uh, this is Graham. Pleased to meet you, mate.
Oh. Cracking strong grip.
Best take me in for X-rays. [CHUCKLES]
Isn’t he funny? Yeah, he’s very… [SIGHS] Well, see you
later, Johnny. All right, I’ll see you later. He teaches
my son karate. [DOOR OPENS] [INDISTINCT CHATTER] Wow. Is that lunch
from Sugar Fish?
And look at that. Matcha green tea
from Urth Caffe. Someone must have trekked
over the hill. Thank you.
But I actually… And before you even bring up
the inventory statements, I’ve already taken them
off your plate.
I finished them an hour ago. So, I don’t know about you,
but that toro right there
is calling my name. I’ve got a lunch
with the sales team
over at Woodland Hills. It’s on our joint calendar.
But, um, you enjoy. But it’s a lot of sushi. Share it
with the customers. Hey. There’s free sushi
in there if you’re hungry. WOMAN: Thank you. MIGUEL: What about Friday? TORY: I can’t. I’m working
at the roller rink. Great. Let’s turn it
into a date night. [CHUCKLES] Candlelit dinner
at the snack bar on my break? Look, there’s nothing more
romantic than free hot dogs
and chicken nugs. Free? Not for you.
You gotta pay up. I’ll splurge. All right. But you gotta wear
a costume. It’s ’80s night. Are you kidding?
I love the ’80s. Dibs on Anthony Michael Hall
inWeird Science.I don’t think you have
to call dibs on that. One second. Hey. What’s up? About Coyote Creek,
we cool? [SCOFFS] We were enemies
for a day,
but Cobra Kai for life. [GRUNTS] Everybody, fall in. Today, we’ll be learning
one of the most
important lessons a Cobra Kai
could ever know. Where’s Sensei Kreese? Shouldn’t we wait for
the sensei emeritus
before we get going? [EXHALES] Or not. Mr. Kreese will no longer
be joining us. BOY: Seriously? I made a promise
when I became your sensei. To always look out
for your best interests. Despite how hard
this may be for all of us, he didn’t have
our best interests at heart. John Kreese may have
founded Cobra Kai, but he no longer represents
what this dojo stands for. His Cobra Kai was old
and outdated. He refused to move forward,
and what happens
when we do that, Mr. Diaz? You get stuck like cement. Exactly. To be a great fighter,
you gotta learn to adapt. This creed on the wall… Follow it to the letter,
it’ll make you strong. It’ll make you formidable. It’ll also make you an asshole. ‘Cause that’s just black paint
on a white wall. But life’s not
black and white. More often than not,
it’s gray. And it’s in those gray areas where Johnny Lawrence’s
Cobra Kai sometimes shows mercy. Doesn’t mean you can’t
be badass. It’s still
a requirement. But you have to learn to think,
not just with your gut, or your fists, but to really use this. Which leads me
to today’s lesson. [STUDENTS CHUCKLE] Headbutting. Grab a partner. [GROANS] That was awesome.
Do me next. [RAYMOND GROANS] Hey, uh, Sensei. Just tuck in your chin
and aim for the nose with the crown of your head.
It’s not that hard. No, it’s not about headbutting.
I think I got that down. It’s about Sensei Kreese. What about him? I know he’s your friend,
so if you wanna talk… You don’t have to
worry about me. Besides, you should be focused
on that girlfriend of yours. You know about that? I’m not blind. Just don’t get distracted. Yeah. All right? You can play
“hide the plantain”
on your own time. But in class,
I need you focused. Yes, Sensei. What about you?
Do you have any, uh… Don’t worry about me,
all right?
I do just fine. Okay. If you wanted to,
I could set you up
on an app. That’s how my mom
found her boyfriend. Yeah, how’s that going? It’s going well. She’s had some pretty bad luck
with guys, so it’s nice to see
her happy. That’s good.
I’m glad to hear that. So, uh, all right,
what’s the deal
with this app thing? AMANDA: So, we have
some new cars
on the showroom floor. Let’s get the detail guys
in here because they can
never be too… …clean. DANIEL: All right. Here you go. No, no.
Demetri, you know this. Wax on with the right hand,
with the left. Watch Demetri.
He’s got it. Not bad, right? Child labor.
That’s a bold move. It’s crazy no one’s
ever thought of it. Ten more minutes
of training, okay? Wait, wait. No, no.
It’s not training.
This is me trying to help. Say I’m sorry. What else can I do, Amanda? It’s not a puzzle, Daniel. Look, I don’t wanna fight.
I just know that
this is not permanent. Neither is sushi. You can’t put a Band-Aid
on an open head wound. Our marriage
is an open head wound? Pick whatever
analogy you want.
You know what I mean. Okay. The app is downloaded. What type of women
are you looking to meet? [ROCK MUSIC PLAYING
ON SPEAKERS] Super hot babes. Dumb question.
Okay, what are your likes? My likes? Mmm-hmm. What am I supposed to say?
Long walks on the beach? I like muscle cars,
martial arts
andIron Eagle.AndIron Eagle II.Why aren’t you texting
this down? Computer dating
was your idea. Look, you have to
take this seriously. It used to be simple. Find a chick in a bar.
Bump into her hard,
but not too hard. Pretty hard.
Then you buy her a beer. No. Tried and true, Diaz.
That’s how the cavemen did it. Cavemen. That’s another like. Like the ones in those
insurance commercials. [SIGHS] I think I can fill out
the rest of this on my own. What about clothes?
What are you wearing? You gonna teach me
about fashion now? Might have to. Okay. So, I was thinking
a buttoned-up shirt
and some distressed jeans. You have any of those? I have old jeans,
if that’s what you’re saying. [CELL PHONE CHIMES] Hey. There’s a chick
on my app. MIGUEL: Yeah, look, all right. Just swipe right if you
like her and we’ll set up
a bunch of dates. This is dumb. You can’t find
anything out about a chick
from one look… Ooh, this one’s hot. Hey, can I borrow this jacket? Huh? Yeah, whatever. No. No. Not with a ten-foot pole. Lose that mole, you’re in. Eh. Actually, yes. LUCILLE: Hey, Sammy. Come help me
with the groceries. Oh. I didn’t realize
you were both here. Hi, Mrs. LaRusso. Hi. I got a couple more bags
in the car.
Be a help, will you? Unless we wanna keep
avoiding your family, we should probably go out
one of these nights. WOMAN: My oldest is eight,
and I also have
a 4-year-old. There they are. [ROCK MUSIC PLAYING] Oh, they’re so cute. Thanks. It’s tough trying to meet
someone who likes to have fun, but also knows
how to handle kids. With my job,
I’m around kids
all the time, so… Believe me, I know
how to handle them. That is so good to hear. This one time, this kid
in my class was texting
on his phone. Mmm-hmm. So I body-slammed him into the mat,
flying elbow to his teeth. [JOHNNY CHUCKLES] One sec. I gotta read
this email real quick. You can read your email
on that thing? Yeah. You’ve never seen
a smartwatch? Oh, smartwatch. Yeah. I read my emails
all the time. In my smartphone. It’s an Ericsson. I try to stay active
in a variety of organizations. We combat all institutions
of oppression. Runaway capitalism,
climate change denial,
the patriarchy. The problem is, a lot of these
issues are becoming systemic. Oh, yeah.
Totally systemic. I hate the Patriots, too. Listen, what do you say
we quit the chit-chat, and hop in my Challenger? Teach you how to drive a stick.
If you know what I mean. Johnny, right? Sorry I’m late.
The traffic on the 101
was just… Wait. Have we met before? I don’t know. Hold on. You’re that dumb asshole who
hung my TV on the wrong wall. You never told me
which wall to put it on. Because of you,
I got fired. You called me a bitch! No, I said you were
bitching at me! You know what? That’s it.
I’m done
with these shitty apps. Bitch. What’s this? Ah, just taking a walk
down memory lane. [CHUCKLES] A scrapbook? [CHUCKLES] I thought everything was
in the cloud now. I’ll digitize it
sooner or later. It’s just, something
about these old pictures. Looking at them on your phone
just doesn’t do them justice,
you know? Very true. Ooh, you got
some good ones. Look at my hair. The ’80s! [CHUCKLES] Oh, man. It’ll get better. She’ll come around. [SIGHING] I know, Ma. I’ve tried every grand gesture
I could think of. [SIGHS] Remember Coney Island? It’s about the best day
of my life. Dad and I ate something from every booth
on the row. Nathan’s… Cotton candy,
frozen custard,
you name it. He still took me
on the Cyclone
five times in a row. [CHUCKLES]
That sounds like him. It was about the time
he started getting sick. [SIGHS] You know what I remember? What? What do you call…
What was it, uh… “The Wonder Wheel.”
That’s what it was. Oh, yeah. My God.
That amazing view. No. No, no, no. The line. That’s what I remember. It wasn’t the lights,
it wasn’t the ride. It was the smallest moment. We were waiting in line
on the Wonder Wheel, and, uh… Just us. And Dad held my hand and he put his head
on my shoulder. Right here. And he told me
he loved me. [CHUCKLES] I could still feel his hair
on my cheek. That’s all I ever wanted
to know. That he was in it with me. No matter what. [SNICKERS] I love you. Love you, Ma. [ROCK SONG PLAYING]♪ I got it so bad♪ I just want to say that♪ I swear I can’t hide♪ How I feel about you♪ How I feel about you♪ How I feel about you♪ How I feel about you ♪[SIGHS] Hey, it’s been a long time.
But just signed up
on the Facebook. It’s an app on my smartphone.
Maybe we connect
one of these days? Johnny. Nah, too desperate. Hey. [CELL PHONE CHIMES] Shit. Sorry about that. It’s all right. No sweat. Let me make it up to you.
Buy you another Banquet? Yeah.[DANCE HALL DAYSPLAYING]♪ Take your baby
by the hand
♪ And make her do
a high handstand ♪
[CHUCKLES] Gotta say, I wasn’t sure
about the costumes, but it’s definitely nice not
having to sneak around. I still think
you should have dressed like Andrew McCarthy
for synergy, or at least Duckie. Come on. With the hair,
you know my only option
was Spader. I’m starving. Oh, excuse me.
Can we get some menus? Oh. Look who it is. [STAMMERS] I didn’t know
you worked here. Yeah, well, not all of us
get to use
Daddy’s credit card. Look, we just wanted
to order some food.
I’m sorry. What time do you go
on break? I wanted to time it out
so that the fries
are actually crispy. Oh. Um… Hey, I didn’t
recognize you. I… Dig the costumes. Thanks. Uh, Tory,
this is Sam and Robby. Yeah, we’ve met already. Sam and I had a little run-in
at the beach club. Oh. So, how do you two know
each other? Tory’s in Cobra Kai. Figures. What was that? Nothing. All right, I gotta
get back to work.
See you later, babe. Come on.
Let’s get some skates. I swear, she’s sitting there
tapping on her watch, like she’s in frikking
Knight Rider.
“K.I.T.T., where the hell
are you?” [LAUGHS] People now. I ditched
the apps completely. Yeah, all this nerd technology
messes with your head. It used to be simple. Like… …this. Yeah. Like this. I’m gonna go to the bathroom.
Can you, uh, get me another? Sure. What about that girl
you were telling me about? GRAHAM: Yeah, I’m seeing her
later tonight. Hmm. Mate, I’m telling you,
you should see her apartment.
She lives with her mum. Really? Way I see it, she’s good
for a few bangs and then I’ll drop her. [CHUCKLES] I mean, I’m not trying to be
a dad to her kid or anything. Hey there, beautiful. Everything okay? Yeah. Okay, I’ll admit,
it’s kinda weird
running into your ex. Plus, that girl Tory
is the worst. Remember what your dad says.
“There’s good in everyone.” She just has to be shown
the right way. But if you want to
kick her ass,
I won’t stop you. [BOTH LAUGH][IF YOU LEAVEPLAYING] Oh, no way.
Oh, that’s too perfect. I might have said something
to the DJ. That is such a Duckie move.
You’re a Duckie
in Spader clothing. [SKATE SQUEAK] Whoa, are you okay? Crap, my skate broke. Uh, I’ll be right back.
I’ll come find you. Okay.♪ If you leave
Don’t leave now
♪ Please don’t take
my heart away ♪
Hey. What do you want? I think my skates
are too big. Look, about Tory… I can’t believe you could be
with a girl like that. You don’t even know her. I know enough. Three hot dogs,
two vanilla shakes
and a Coke with extra ice. I should be the one
that’s pissed off. Here you are, making me think
I’m a paranoid asshole and yet you’re on a date
with Robby? It’s not a date. Not a date. Yeah. Heard that one before. Look, I just came
to clear the air so that things
wouldn’t be weird. I guess that’s a lost cause. Thanks. But I told him,
“It better be a Harley
or I’m not getting on.” Yeah, I’m the same way. MELISSA: So, what kind of car
do you drive anyway? I’m a Mustang
kind of girl, so… GRAHAM: Be right back,
darling. WOMAN: I’ll be right here. Bloody hell. America’s falling apart. MELISSA: Hey, you wanna
get some food? I know a good burger joint. [SIGHS] I’m sorry. I have to go. What?
Don’t you want my number? [URINATING] [GRUNTS] Go on. Room for one more. [ZIPS ZIPPER] Hey, man. I heard what you said
about Carmen. If you gonna do that,
just break it up
with her, all right? Oh, you’re the neighbor,
aren’t you?
You fancy her, mate? [SCOFFS] Cheers for the advice.
I’ve got some advice for you. Bugger off! [GROANING] [GRUNTS] No, no! You’re lucky
I’m showing mercy. This is mercy? Never go near Carmen again.
Do you understand? Whatever you say.
I’ll ghost her. You’ll what? I’ll leave her alone,
I’ll disappear. Damn right you will. Mate. [SIGHS] I’m sorry.
I didn’t mean to… Oh. Hey, Robby. Hey. So, I’ve gotten
two compliments
on my outfit. But everyone thinks
I’m some guy
named Dan Johnson. You ever heard of him? Uh, no. I’m sure whoever he is,
he’s cute. [GROANS] ROBBY: Are you okay? Oops. Sorry, princess. ROBBY: Sam! [TORY GASPS] [ALL EXCLAIM] What the hell, Sam? What? Me… Are you okay,
Tory? Thanks. All right, you’re done.
You’re out. She’s the one
who started it. You’re out. What is this? You shouldn’t be
working this late. Yeah, well, with Anoush gone,
somebody has to review
today’s transactions. I want you
to forget about that and I want you to remember
something else. Sixteen years ago,
grand opening party.
Remember? Is this a sobriety test? Oh, come on, you remember.
Play along. Our first big opening. Enjoy the party.
Buy a car! Come with me. Where are we going? Come on. Oh, okay. Mmm. [EXHALES] Here we go. What, you trying
to torture me? Nah. Don’t worry.
It’s sparkling cider. Ooh. Well, we’re ditching
our own grand opening party, we better be drinking
to something good. How about, to finally having something that’s ours? But what about
this little one? What, her? No, no. She’s mine.
You can have the next one. [LAUGHS] Okay, to something
that’s ours. Mmm. How about some music? Mmm-hmm.[YOU’RE THE INSPIRATION
PLAYING] Wow. You really
prepared for this. You have no idea. Don’t tell me
this is the same cider. No way. This is the good stuff.♪ You know our love
was meant to be ♪
So, this was
the grand plan, huh?
Trip down memory lane? It’s not bad. It was a good night
for the dealership. Forget the dealership. What I remember most
about that night was sitting in the back seat
of that car, just you and me
mapping out our future. [SIGHS] Look. I know I’ve been
MIA the last few months. Part of it was Cobra Kai. Part of it was
missing Mr. Miyagi. Opening up that dojo definitely made it feel like
he was back in my life again. I know. And I don’t want you
to have to give that up. But I also know
if he was here right now, he would tell me,
“Forget about karate. “Focus on what’s important.” Oh, yeah? And what’s that?♪ In my heart
In my soul
♪ You’re the meaning
in my life
♪ You’re the inspiration♪ You bring feeling to my life♪ You’re the inspiration♪ Wanna have you near me♪ I wanna have you
hear me sayin’ ♪
CARMEN: Hi, Johnny. Hey, how you doing? I, uh, was supposed
to go out with Graham, but looks like
he stood me up. Oh. Forget about him. You don’t deserve
a loser like that. You deserve a guy
that at least shows up. Anybody’d be lucky
to go on a date with you. You asking me out? What if I am? CARMEN:So, how’s Miguel’s
training going?
He’s on the right path.
You should be proud. He has this new girlfriend.
I can’t keep up with
all the drama. SAM:I just don’t understand
what Miguel sees in her.
At least you both
moved on, right? Yeah.Why don’t you come over later?
It should be wild.
[ALL CHEERING] Oh, come on. You gotta be kidding me. DANIEL:What the hell
is your problem?
JOHNNY:You, LaRusso.
You’ve been a major pain
in my ass all summer.
Drink, drink, drink.
Oh, I smell a rumble.

S2E8: “Glory of Love”
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