my favorite is this here your ice-cream daddy Wow but I wanted a blue flavor I don't have blue flavored ice cream hmm I'm sorry here you go are you selling ice cream flavor ice cream look at this treasure chest filled with coins and money you can have $5 if you do some tours around the house what do you think good idea so come towards me come back okay okay fine so mommy simmer first chore was to wash this shirt Wow smells so stinky okay let's plugged it in the washing machine there now press the wash button it's done let's open it new and fresh but it's still wrinkly I'm gonna iron who's like cleaning one shirt so far all done now it's good news mom accept rule number two is to cook dinner put the steak on the plate now first half of dinner sir next one is chicken now it's done put it on the plate now whole dinner is served nothing left shortner three state sure number forest vacuum the floor oh one more chore left no $5 mommy mommy I finished like chores can I have five dollars now sure what do you want to find with these five dollars blue ice cream please right hold tub of blue ice cream thank you what's up Brian oh you got a bullet let's go finally yes all right then oh there is a new ice cream please with blue ice cream scoop okay Oh yummy and another scoop of ice cream what you don't give me another scoop double scoop I never have double scoop ice cream before Oh Brian can you make one more ice cream please sure daddy that'll be $20 $20 I don't have that kind of money well daddy you know what you gotta do do chores around the house okay all right great see you guys join my ice cream and wait till dad gets back thank you for watching I hope you enjoy and remember happy it's morning today and mommy's still sleeping oh we don't wanna wake mommy up because you don't know my car we're trying to make a surprise present for mommy and surprise her when she wakes up it's a secret do you have any idea what we can do to surprise mommy we can give mommy riot Sikkim oh oh so you want to make something with the Ryan's world a sticky mosaic yeah lion's roar sticky mistake comes with these colorful sticky tiles and character templates oh how about this how about you write a message to mommy using those to give mosaic stickers okay let's get to it oh and of course we had to make a records for mommy to write does she always make breakfast for us so today it's a special we're gonna make it for mommy you know that's not true on the right are you taking out each stickers being on the paper what firstly are you making oh oh okay oh yeah ell here good alright good job keep going so Ryan's making oh right now okay brilliant goo and now Ryan's are making V using a green sticker and sparkly too good job Ryan but now it's missing your signature you have to write down your name so she knows who's it from yeah bye Ryan yeah I did it but now I'm gonna do the sticky mosaic red tie in give it to mom here here you wanna see mm-hmm yeah so let me tell me oh wow really good really good oh I like some of the arete is shiny no it's good job Ryan so this is good present for mommy and your nice little – mommy – all right so now let's make a breakfast yeah all right you know how to cook oh it's okay I'll help you all right let's go cooking and this is super easy one where you mix pancake mix and just water so maybe Ryan can do it easy yeah all right okay so let's open the box we open the box now so we need two cups of this pancake mix so this measure up to one cup so you have to fill up twice go ahead yes there you go good job you're spilling a little bit but it's okay you're trying be good okay good let's see yeah I think it's a cup one cup okay you can put it in the ball go ahead what I do one more time yeah the exact same thing whoa oh you're spilling a lot okay I think that's enough Vicki okay alright let's put that in the ball good yeah [Applause] no we need a one cup of the water yep that's it oh there's still some in there too it's okay so good nice and we mix it up agitate oh let me find a tool for that all right here we go let's mix it up is it extreme guys is the extreme enough whoa so fast is it mixing really fast oh don't drop it okay oh the ball is moving I'm I'm scared the rinds might drop it on the floor and break it but I can't help him much because this is his present to mommy he's doing all by himself I think that's enough Ryan yeah good job whoa it's ripping ah look what mess we made what a mess that's okay I will clean up later now the two cookies this part Ryan is a little bit dangerous so daddy will do it okay it's a little bit hot oh yeah I can feel the steam yeah Ryan's cleaning up his hand there all right yeah yeah that's clean hand ah you spots no what about me it's her this cake mix try to make a circle okay my daddy it's cooking pancakes I'm gonna prepare the dishes look there's a nice little plate and there's a bright world and also there's a right world sport and also there's a ride I think it's ready to flip it and see oh yeah perfect color I think the pancake is done we're gonna put it on Ryan's will play looking good and spoons and we're gonna put a cereal in this ball right as well ball nice that's a lot right oh my gosh come mommy finish it really big back yeah all right now let's been milk huh Oh Brian that's enough you don't have like too much mass or a good job and the pancake you want to make her up alright you got it okay so let's bring the breakfast first a then we'll bring the Olivia to mommy and bring fork and pancake steady steady steady Oh a bit big breakfast for mommy Oh tipper way too much Ryan alright now we're in the mommy's room look how much stuff Ryan left off there's a trial of a cereal there look mommy sleepy and we have some surprises for you alright let's bring it out Ryan I'm serious look at the law of cereals hopefully mommy can finish it alright Ryan made it all by himself [Applause] thank you and love it you made this yeah I just want the right one mosaic yeah the best breakfast in bed ever oh you're the best Ryan thank you and check this out this spoon and fork look at the design all the characters from Ryan's world right and check this a ball there's a wet Tenten combo and blends well logo I'm gonna keep this forever he put it over there yeah on my nightstand yay mommy if you're thirsty you could drink out this right world water bottle appreciate it Wow very good day to start the morning thank you guys happy Mother's Day parents Ryan's world plates balls forks and spoons voila bubbles and pyjamas billable a target and target calm we hope you like using Ryan's world Delaware for your kids Oh mystery real oh yeah looks like a mystery wheel let's spin it stop raining that was funny all right let's spin again see what happens like next time bye 1000 spin it Oh no more sure yeah oh I'm good I'm scary it's my turn now yeah what is it I don't wanna get old the tiger kid until Gator goes away daddy the tornado is right there oh no it's not right now well it's gone now Oh Oh stretch let's see what I get something cool – your face is it fixed now yeah thank you oh my baby come back [Applause] I'm back to home in the hood I'm fresh again yeah Oh scary okay okay right back now I'm gonna get fine one more time come on wait right wheels let's get rid of this okay thank you for watching our video make sure to LIKE and subscribe and please click on one of these videos so Ryan you

Ryan Pretend Play Selling Ice Cream and clean up with cleaning toys!!!

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