we are getting ready for the new school year with Ryan's Magic School hands Brian Brian you gonna be late for school what it's quiet oh let's go let's go and get ready welcome sir I enjoy my meal [Applause] okay pouring rain pouring pouring all right that's plenty thank you Gary I'm gonna listen to music while I eat my breakfast do you like ice cream while writing his breakfast either prepare his lunch Ryan Phillippe's so excited when I show him Alliance world new lunchbox and in two water bottles but lunch you'll have prepare Ryan hey sandwich they hear the ham do the ham here and give it to the best of balls right tomatoes and lettuce and put like mayonnaise last big right move ready guys got it put it in a sandwich box fits perfect all right like a pin carrot and grapes let's fit all that pan right left box this is my new backpack I don't use for school these are my scissors and these are my pencils and erasers these are all my other supplies and when I go to school there's kind of different people there because there's my first day of school it when they read this book they can learn that I like doing music and stuff look also they can learn that this is my mommy daddy and mine que si and look at this this is so funny here's some videos that we did together superhero it's pleased to have two more minutes before you go to school so I want you to use this time teacher and practice time so you won't be late next time okay we'll be late for school next time all right you ready for practice time this time teacher actually comes with a card with a time on it so I can test your knowledge of a time okay okay first card is 8:30 a.m. let's see if Frank can get it ah there I guys that's correct okay I'll get enough done yet next one is 4:40 p.m. can you do this one right for 4045 question which card should I pick mm-hm all right I'll pick this one final one a 8:15 p.m. that should be your bedpan Ryan oh okay 8:15 the hour is on 8 in a minute I'll answer 15 items are available at Walmart and Target we hope you have a great first day of school with Ryan's back lunch kit we're now we're watching fun remember always be happy and rise up by then you go to school down please click on one of these videos where I enjoy it more fun you

Ryan Pretend Play Late for School Morning Routine!!!!

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