-Vladimir Zhirinovsky got on skates. -Leader of Liberal Democrats admitted, that he hasn’t
got on ice for a long time, so he needed assitance. -Zhirinovsky didn’t stayed on ice for long. -After passing 2 meters stated, that blades were blunt. -They gave me non sharpened skates, can you imagine?
So they won’t go. They suppose to cut the ice, but they balk
into it. Unacceptable. -One, two. Knees bent a little. One, two.
We can make a train. -This is winter in Moscow. I liked it very much. -It is like I remember from childhood. Dry November, and
snow slowly starting to fall. -It started to fall on November 20. I woke up in the morning,
looked out and saw snow falling. -On a day like this. The weather was consistant. -Everything must be filled with people here.
But there is no tradition. -People still didn’t realised that it is now possible to go
ice-skating. -Although, today is a work day. Children are probably
at schools, students at colleges. -But I’m still sure that millions of people are at home.
And maybe on local skating-rinks. -Sokolniki, Izmaylovo, The Exhibition, here. -The best way to rest. Ice skating, Christmass tree,
music, people are meeting each other. -We drink tea in locker room. Everything is
clean, and cheap.

Russian politician Zhirinovsky ice-skating (English subs)

2 thoughts on “Russian politician Zhirinovsky ice-skating (English subs)

  • December 8, 2014 at 4:57 am

    Great work. Keep it up. Great for non Russian Speakers. Spasiba!

  • December 11, 2014 at 4:15 am

    He looks like he had fun and did not break his leg!!!


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