what's up guys for the blockage I'm pans and I'll move my hands and guess on how I'm gonna play with our roller skates and we're gonna follow us on our social media act rubber cats.com and this is the scene our destination we're gonna don't forget to Like comment and subscribe and turn on the personal situations my friend also the cameraman Interpol now we are going to the slides let's go handsome let's go guys for this light let's go [Applause] [Applause] okay guys drag the slide let's go yes sir let's go nice now now we'll give them which we've seen shame now I'm swollen with the escapes let's go go let's go [Applause] now guys Hamzah will go to the miss white the best boys slide let's go Hamza now it seems Lloyd go yes so now it's my turn I will leave the phone to you seen and sorry mozzie has go to his woman he will come back because he because he is this because he you want a drink water for a waitress now I will give the phone trace [Applause] okay okay

Roller skating in Rehab

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