hey there everybody we’re at the roller skating ring and i am excited to bring you this video I want you all to realize no matter how old you are now there you are i’m going to turn you around what is this this is this fabulous check me out what are you doing today what are you doing now to get out of your comfort zone if you’re so good to be back on skates oh my goodness how many you wish that you’re six years old I feel young fabulous and bring here at the skating rink make sure that whenever you are engaging with something that you love to do and you’re not quite sure make sure you do it at the right time frame what do I mean by that I come to the skating ring with seniors because the young whippersnappers injury i make myself it’s been a little over a year but I still protect it right why because i can so i just wanted to enjoy rollerskating with you all and make you realize that today is the day that you’re gonna get out of your comfort zone let’s make it happen one of us how about that do-do-do-do-do-do do the state’s keep Rowley on

Roller Skating and Young At Heart Happiness Jungle
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