my name is Pascal i know few of you but not all of you…my derby name is FIRESTARTER i ‘m working this Week in Bordeaux so i took occasion to meet your coach and propose to come this evening for 2reasons 1st i thought it was cool to come and show you the medal not many team could get one..and i hope some more french team will get some so i bring it to share the motivation cause few year ago nobody in our team think it was possible but with quite some work we made it one of the Reason we succed is that we were regular in training but also cause we focused on new quality that what we ould basically here in the derby so we focused on speed one third of the team is also coming from a speed skating background even if it was on inline and we choose this idea also as we were not huge not really heavy compare to us guys both jammer and blocker we focused of speed so tonight we will do 1h about skating technique to try to interest you in this topic that is often on the side and try to show you how the skating technique will help you how to move faster in all direction and how to block better for blocker we will do quite some laps i will give lot of information probably too much but it’s your job to pick up today what you need compare to a classic Learning process i will go too fast cause i’m here only one hour, and you will pick different information we will start with a work on the position and then focus on grip ground feeling but remember that its the quality of the pressure you built (grip) that influence your speed but with a good position we have better chance to go fast later also about position , we do few laps and i ask you to be a bit down on your legs and keep the hip Always at same height (not going up and down) like when you sit on a bike we move the legs but we dont move the hip up and down you fix your position and keep it stable let’s go for 5 – 10 laps we focus on keeping hip at same height come back here so1st technical point about position whatever you do during skating…Try to keep the hip stable we Don’t need to be super low with the hip the only thing we get by being to low is pain in the leg if we wanted to push super far on the side we would need to sit low but compare to the speed we go we don t need this also we can t get enought grip for this so sit a little bit is enought but keep hip height stable is important 2nd point about position is we need to bend forward during race , we bend a lot to be aerodynamic almost with flat back in derby we dont need to have the back flat bend but the more you bend forward, the more you will be compact and the easier it’s gonna be to feel the good pressure on your skate later if you stay straight you will have trouble to feel the grip so now we skate with hip a bit down and bending upper body the idea is to be as compact as possible let s go for few laps stay small and compact stay compact with upper body stay compact , bend forward bring shoulder more down shoulder more down Mr 22 ok stay compact little more down with shoulders come back here Don’t be affraid to take as wide as possible in the place so you glide as less as possible in the corner we Don’t need to go fast in those exercice more than speed it s better to slow down to control the movement you do it’s not about speed now it’s about using your brain to control the move use your head for this we need to keep control of the movement that is the important point we fix hip position we bring shoulders down to make you more compact the more compact you stay the more you absord impact for blocker the more you stay compact the more your push will be effective for jammer so you can move faster when you are in corner, you need to Always… bring your hip Inside if hip is outside you will go to the outside and it shard to keep Inside line if hip stay inside it will be easier to turn it help also if someone hit you in the corner if you get hit it prevent to fly outside if hip are outside as soon as you get impact in corner you will fly outside as we Always turn left, its important to keep hip inside with little flex like we said before the hip need to stay flat and not move side to side like this during all skating movement, fix this so it s doesnt move up and down keep it flat even during the cross in the corner let’s go to try this…take widder in the track to get more crosses keep hip flat and Inside during the corner yes the little move you did to put ass Inside, that was it yes quite good this one was good bring the hip more inside bring that hip more inside yes a bit more like this keep hip flat, don ‘t let left hip fall down little more Inside here this one is ok more inside did you see the little move you did? that was this stop here for most of te group i see you did the little move to bring the hip in so when you do this we bring also the shoulder to the outside many people will tell you it suck to do this but i think it s not a bad point if you bring the shoulder inside your hip will go out if shoulder kind of look to the public which is better for the photo if shoulder look outside a bit, the hip will fall inside it’s important…not a big deal if shoulder look a bit too much out cause it help to keep the hip inside now we down down and look at what happen in the skates almost everybody when you get into the corner you put space in between the skate and bring left skate a lot in front we can see this on many derby picture in the corner when jammer go a bit fast the 2 skates go away from each other in my opinion it’s the worse technical problem we can do it make you stable but it s gonna kill your leg and you will just loose speed so it’s not ideal it’s better to keep the skater as close as possible about the wide like the hip should be ok you can eventually bring the left skate a bit in front but not so much more than it s totally in front of the other one everybody to this to get more stable but your create a technical problem to avoid the right way to do when skate are away, the hip are in between the 2 skates so the hip can’t be inside and , you won’t be able to make a push so you can’t skate, you can’t built speed at this moment people who do this , spend almost 2/3 of the corner in this position so you need to accelerate full out of the corner and after 2corner you are dead but in a game we need to do 40 or 50 corner fast if you want to save Energy in the corner when its going fast we will need to keep the skate close together we do few laps, keep the hip the height you want be compact wiht upper body we bring the hip in but during unactive moment we keep now the skate together let’s go stay compact in upper body keep skate together in the corner keep the hip Inside also ok come back here that is a important habit to get many people do this but it s a big limit to make technical progress at beginign you will find this less stable because the hip is not anymore in between the 2 skates but you will get more stable at high speed you can also be more stable during Rolling impact and it will give you more key to progress on the push later check your photo sometimes and see if you make progress on this it won’t change in 1 day may be you need all winter to change this , so be patient in the process some will get it really fast but some may need more time to fix this so be patient and accept the process now we have the basic for the position we choose hip height, we bend to be compact we bring hip inside and not so much space in between the skates now we will talk about the pressure and the quality of the grip do you know what is the quality of the grip? the pressure? do you know about it ? or you never heard about this? put your hands up if you think you have a bit a pressure feeling when you skate? who Don’t understand what im talking about? in fact the quality of the pressure is the most important to feel to be stable and to go fast the pressure is what you feel between your feet and the ground if you have no feeling of it , when you push Nothing really happen if you think of it you will make it better to built up this pressure point and make your skating much easier as exemple , often you see someone someone that doesnt look athletic but that move easy and you wonder ? how she do this? when you look some people it look so easy to do but when you look some other they struggle a lot the big difference is the one that skate easily have a good quality of pressure but the one who struggle just push like a machine without thinking of the quality of the movemet so may goal now is that you start to get interest in the pressure you create to feel this pressure quality just stand on one skate try to feel what happen Under your feet do you feel somthing? what it feel / look like? wheels? … ok they to feel more Under your feet the plate…no Something else search Something not so materialist search for Something invisible the balance….yes …how do you feel your balance? search for Something almost unreal he feel a line Under his foot going from left to right what else you feel? do you feel a pressure surface? i it small or big? a small ball a big ball? when you stand one one skate you feel a little shape Under your foot this little shape you feel….the is the pressure , everybody could feel a bit of it? someone feel Nothing at all? you Don’t get it? just stand on one skate you feel your foot moving do you feel contact surface? what it look like? how big? where is it? all the front all the back all the left all the right? more in front right ok this is what you need to look for you have to find for yourself where is your pressure and play with this go sakte a bit and try to feel where is the pressure when you skate you really search using your brain search all the pressure Under your feet when you skate search for the pressure point yes it different from a foot to another ok we stop , come back here what we do now and the next 15min it’s the most important thing to search on skate if you get this and make it better you will be rocket if not…then its gonna be a very athletic sport for you forever who felt some pressure? can you tell me what it look like and where is it? do you get what she is talking about? it’s almost unreal it’s word on feeling it’s the hardest to understand cause we have different skate, different feet different set up so we have different pressure point there is no magic telling its all like this only you can search for it for you and make it better next expericence keep both skate on the ground and search for the pressure point without Moving….you can change position but not roll…try to make this pressure get bigger do what you want to make it bigger can you change it? make it bigger? so in fact as soon as you land your skate as soon as your skate land your 1st idea should be where is my pressure then think, how to make it bigger before pushing if you pressure is super small and you push hard on it it doesnt built lot of speed if you have big pressure surface and you push a bit on it it will make you fast this is the magic of our sport even if we are not muscular strong we can go fast if you are strong with pressure feeling we skate again, land your skate and search for the pressure and make it bigger before the push

roller derby quad skating technique (pascal briand vlog 185)
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  • November 28, 2018 at 2:30 pm

    Trés bonne idée de montrer l' entrainement de ton point de vu et de montrer les trainings pour ceux qui font pas de derby 🙂 Top !!!

  • July 16, 2019 at 1:10 pm

    Please finish the English translation 😫


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