All right, making my way down stairs with my Roller Blades on Listinin’ to Slipknot Document my roller blading Camera battery died again. have to get new batteries. So back up the stairs got new batteries All right, oh whoa I decided to UM ditch the music because uh Yeah, mate. It’s um ruining my deprteth i mean depth perception and I am gonna like uh… yeah, yeah crash in their vehicles or anything (shadows foot?) That balloon tho. Boi Whew here comes a drop! Anyway, I’m at a friend’s house, but the person said I don’t want to go outside so Hey, I guess i’m skating alone! Whweee THAT BALLOON THO There is goose poop everywhere thats freaking disgusting Like I how bout’ you poop like in Kansas or something I don’t know what Kansas has to do with somthing but KANSAS Riding down that Riding back down Oh, yeah, oh, yeah Oh (bumpy stuff) Oh God my nose is stuffy from ah You know, outside its kind cold (lol) Now I crash into these i can’t control well, I haven’t gotten in trouble. I’ve got in trouble with my frigging body because my stupid Depth Preception Don’t want No, I don’t have a disorder I’m just stupid ima put these away now,??? ima go pack inside and do stuff Bye Boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

Roller blading
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