I love rollerskating Lauren Kelly is there right now ready to lace up the skates and take a spin it looks like the rain stopped just in time and all I can think of is Xanadu I’m sorry I love it you know all I could think of was Austin Powers Goldmember but you know you know how that turned out we are here it’s beautiful today and I’m here with Lori San Miguel she’s the program coordinator at Discovery Green and they cleared the rink for me because they know how much of a health hazard I am around other people just for you returned it just for you so we’ve got one more month full of April to get out here downtown Discovery Green yeah well the rink is open till the 21st so the last days Easter Sunday but there’s a lot of activity still taking place there’s cheap skate nights where you can skate for $8 the normal admission price is $10 on a $4 skate rental but if you bring your own skates you can skate for $10 and there’s like music they’ve got an 80s night top-40 we got yeah we got throwback Thursdays Time Warp Tuesdays we have superhero Saturday’s where you can skate with superheroes from four to six so there’s a little bit for everyone to come out and enjoy so definitely check the website out to see what all we have planned we also have our kirsty peek and even Earth Day coming up so a lot of stuff always a discovery that’s discovery Green Comm now Lori where are your skates I wanted like I wanted to catch you and if I have this skates on it you have this gates on that you know for you we brought our misfit Derby girl of Houston now come over here Kristi is her real name but she’s got a really fun Derby girl name now tell me what it is flying maiden it’s like Iron Maiden but faster now you were showing me some tricks a little bit now you have to be careful because I’m not very good but what’s the most basic trick we can do we could do a spin around okay let’s do a spin around so first you put your hands up and to tap your feet around oh this is it this is ABC I can do this should we take a bow we take a bow we take a curtsy we take a curtsy Discovery Green for April 21st is the last day you can skate Discovery Green Comm for all the info I’m gonna go practice not like that but I’m gonna practice my own moves this way yeah get it go down I’ll see you guys later Lauren that’s so impressive with holding a mic and all of that looks like so much fun and there she goes I’ll be there all day folks I guarantee it Lauren thank you so much that is awesome I’m glad the weather cooperated for sure thanks Lauren

Roll on down to Discovery Green’s roller rink before its gone | HOUSTON LIFE | KPRC 2
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  • April 4, 2019 at 6:56 pm

    Lauren lookin' a Lil Thicc!!… Watch out Courtney


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