Anncr: Into the match for RIT
is number 21 Mia White. Mia:If you think of your spirit, the energy and the intenseness
that you have, it could be one
seemingly minor thing that can change the game. [Cheering and applause] I’ve been playing soccer
since I was about two, but competitively,
I started at 11 years old. When I was looking at schools,
soccer really is my priority. I love soccer. It is who I am,
it’s what I want to do. My junior year, I came here
for the RIT Women’s Soccer Camp. I played hard,
and the coach really noticed my passion for soccer, and I expressed my interest
in coming here. Usually, when I go
to soccer camps, I feel left out. I have very limited interactions
with people based on communication barriers. I’m never included, but the girls here
learn sign language. They learn their alphabet. I was so impressed,
so when I came back my senior year summer,
they all knew their ABCs, and our freshman class
really felt connected. I’ve never had
that feeling before, and I–I just love it here. This is their center forward, and she needs stay high.>>I meet with the coaches
every Tuesday, and during that meeting, we talk
about a variety of topics, but oftentimes,
it’s what minor adjustments we can make to best
include me on the team. One change that we made
was during warmups. We figured out that it might
be better to stand in a semicircle
while we warm up, so that way we can
see each other, and I don’t feel like
I’m missing anything. Also, one
of the assistant coaches took the time to learn sign
for every single warmup that we do during that time. Really, I was so impressed
by how much time and energy they invested in that. Mia has been such
a bright spot for us this year. It’s been an awesome experience
for me to coach her and for the players on the team
to have the opportunity to play next to her
and be with her every day. Not only does she work hard
but she does it with a lot of passion
and a lot of excitement and a really positive attitude. She always has
a smile on her face and a hop in her step. It just brings energy
an excitement to everybody around her. [Crowd cheering]>>Sidelines–all
of our teammates stand and don’t sit
during our games, and that spirit,
that energy is infectious. They support me. We support each other. You know, before coming
to school here, I had decent school pride,
but when I got to RIT, I feel pride,
I feel that Tiger spirit. It’s hard to define,
but it’s amazing. It’s RIT. “Together” on 3!
1, 2, 3! Together!

RIT/NTID Athletic Development: Mia White
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