after attending local elementary and
junior high schools KIHIRA moved on to a correspondence senior high school (She needs more training time) “What are you doing? ” she says she is studying English she will enjoy competitions more if she can make
friends at Competitions everything she does in her daily life is
for skating she never eases up on her goal “Good smell !!!” (She Cooks her lunch by herself) her body fat percentage is only 6% she
cooks her meals and makes box lunches by herself (everyday) “Okkkkkkk” Which is recommanded one? she says she is good at soy stock
flavored meat and potatoes stew and fried eggs and it’s easier than she
thought on this day she spent a lot of time adjusting her skates (with her mother) she used a drill to make the edges more
compatible to her skating style “No no, this is wrong” KIHIRA says this is not right
she says there’s a small space here and it changes the angle KIHIRA’s trademark is
triple axel jumps it’s impossible to jump successfully if it if the edges of
the skates are at the wrong angle to the ice KIHIRA just at the edges many times
KIHIRA says she is pleased with what she has just done she says she wouldn’t be
able to jump if her work failed these precision adjustments are behind
her dynamic skating she never conpromise.

Rika Kihira some clips @ Skate life Dec 2018
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