Welcome back to our channel. My name is Evgeniya and we are starting to watch Challenger Series. Today winners among women became known in Autumn Classic International 2019. After the short program Rika Kihira from Japan, who landed 3A was previously on the 1st place. Evgenia Medvedeva from Russia presented an unusual for her outfit and was on the 2nd place, after her there were Karen Chen from USA, Alexia Paganini from Switzerland and Eunsoo Lim from Korea.
After the results of free skating on the 1st place is Rika Kihira, Japan, and her two triple axel. On the 2nd place is Evgenia Medvedeva, Russia, with the program “Memoirs of a Geisha”. On the 3rd place is Eunsoo Lim, Korea, she managed to get on the pedestal even though she was on the fifth place after a short program. Subscribe to our channel and you don’t miss all upcoming competitions. Stay tuned and see you in the next video. Bye-bye

Rika Kihira OR Evgenia Medvedeva? | Autumn Classic 2019-20

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