what's up this is Jordan with tactics and right now you were checking out the 2020 ride fuse boot designed for responsive freestyle performance the fuse features a reactive seven out of ten flex and features traditional laces with a tongue tied boa closure system for added support complete with a durable michelin fiber light outsole and a dependable slime tongue these boots are versatile enough to handle all conditions and terrain with ease the first impression of this boot is that it was really lightweight really comfortable and really easy to put on first thing I notice when I laced this boot up was that these lace loops right here that run up the side of the boot really grab the laces and you get a really nice secure fit as you kind of lace from bottom to top just putting the laces in there cranking them down you get a really nice secure fit another really cool feature about this boot is this bow dial so once you get the outer laces all cranked up you can tighten this down and it's gonna pull the slime tongue on this boot back and really sink your heel back into the boot and get a really nice secure fit another really interesting thing about these boots is this wraparound tongue that the liner has I've never ridden a boot with this style of tongue but it's definitely really comfortable you don't have to worry about the liner kind of moving side-to-side throughout the day it stays put no pressure points and definitely no complaints about this boot my first day riding it today I wrote it pretty much you know in the park this is definitely going to be geared towards your intermediate to advanced Rider more freestyle oriented boot but definitely something you can kind of take across the whole mountain it has a medium flex so it's pretty versatile in terms of you know having the support you need but the flexibility you want to tweak grabs and just kind of maneuver tight features in the park and stuff like that a really cool colorway on this one but like I said before a great boot for intermediate to advanced level rider who's looking to ride the whole mountain can't go wrong with this thing really comfortable off the box nice secure fit and a really lightweight feel on your foot overall if you want to learn more about this boot check it out at tactics you

Ride Fuse 2020 Snowboard Boot Rider Review – Tactics
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  • July 29, 2019 at 4:50 pm

    Any new features this year?


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