this program contains true stories of rescues all of the 911 are real whenever possible the actual people involved have helped us reconstruct the events as they happen [Applause] on february 13th 1988 and Laramie Wyoming some teenagers with a local church group headed out to go snow tubing on that day they discovered that life sometimes deals us challenges that can test our strength and our ability to overcome adversity it's a little frightening to think that so many people take families up to steep mountainous areas to go tubing and don't realize how really dangerous it is we average a death and a paralysis per year and this is just one small area where we live here with a population of only 25,000 Donna Williams had organized the church youth group outing that day which included her 17 year old daughter Sean Shawna and tan Jo headed up there up the hill and got up there on a couple of the other boys started down on man or two leshawna and Shannon Joe decided they'd move that inner tube over a little ways it looked like a more direct path down the hill Shawna's best friend Leah Meredith was watching from nearby there is no stopping that inner tube at all because it was going so fast Tanna hit a tree with her face though everyone ran down to see if she was alright and there was just blood everywhere she had some cuts on her face but she wasn't hurt all that bad [Applause] and I ran it there and I said Shawn are you alright and Shauna's head popped back and her eyes got the bottom saucers I thought she was dead a bystander ran for help EMT Jim Joe happened to be cross-country skiing and I didn't have any medical equipment at all but by having the medical experience that I did I thought I might be able to help once I realized that Tana is gonna be okay I ran down Shawna because she still hadn't gotten up and I had realized at that time something was wrong and I said are you okay are you okay and she said mom she said mom am I dreaming wake me up and about that time out of nowhere came the EMT what happened I was so thankful that somebody was there it could take charge and do what needed to be done I want you to squeeze for me okay when I was doing my initial assessment said she had no feeling in her legs also she complained of some severe chest pain it appeared that their level of consciousness was going down and we needed to get her off the mountain a call for help sent a medic unit from the Laramie fire department to the field what I'm gonna need cuz I'm gonna need a jacket a vest something small some some uses see call does anybody have time was critical if she had a ruptured aorta or anything like that so we fashioned things that we could just to get her to mobilize the best that we could and get her down around 1 2 3 they picked her up off the hill she said mom don't cry mom please don't cry and I said Shawna I won't cry if you don't cry and we kind of made that pact and so the two of us tried to just be as strong as we could Shawna was rushed to ivanson Memorial Hospital where she was admitted under the care of ER physician Kerry silence again she was brought in on a toboggan still mobilized she was not moved to your position change and portable x-ray machines brought in them we immediately took x-rays of her lateral spine from the neck there down to the low back to bring him back Shauna's father Richard was notified of the accident and headed to the hospital where his wife explained what had happened I of course I think like anybody in that situation it has hope for the best my initial reaction was maybe that she had a pinched nerve or something along those lines okay how about here no you start feeling up in here right about here from an examination of Shawna and her x-rays orthopedic surgeon dr. David Kieffer determined that her spinal cord had been severed she was paralyzed from the chest dr. Keefer came into the room and asked us to come into the hallway and he said I would consider Shauna a paraplegic from this point forward and this is what I do I just look to him and I thought cannot be telling me this you can't be telling me this about her she likes to ski and she likes to dance if he likes the right bike tell this to me going through my mind was well this is where we're at now what do we have to do next where do we go from this point Shawna was transferred to Craig Hospital in Denver to begin daily physical therapy to build up her strength and learn how to cope with their new limitations the rehabilitation was probably the hardest thing that I've ever had to go through in my whole life learning how to be 17 and knowing that this was probably how it's gonna be the rest of your life but I've learned that you have to be able to have strengthened yourself and knowing that you can do whatever you want to do regardless of what odds are against you she was so strong she was so strong Richard and I were just sitting in there one day and poor rich put his head down on his arm there in the hospital and just started crying and she reached over with her hand on his head don't cry dad it's not so bad in the four years since the accident Donna Williams has rebuilt her life he now works at a bank that lives on her own really nice knowing that I can live by myself when I very first came home from the hospital I didn't think that was ever gonna be possible I admire Shauna strength a lot because I feel that if I was in that situation I don't think I would be as independent I don't think I would be as strong as she is and I really admire her and I always have I had always ridden horses before my accident and so after the accident I decided that I wanted to try it again and when I came back home then we got the horses out here and started writing and it's wonderful a good way to get up and out of the chair our dreams really are to be able to start a handicap wheelchair accessible dude ranch where differently abled people can come and ride horses and go fishing and go snow machining I would hope the future would hold being able to walk again but if it doesn't that's fine I'd like to live on a ranch with horses would be wonderful it doesn't matter if they're gonna chair if you're walking you can do anything you want to do you might have to do it in a little bit different way but if you really want to do it there's nothing that can stop me from doing things I want to do I don't though there's anything I can accomplish ever

Rescue 911 – Snow tubing save
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    do you think when her head popped back that is when she was paralyzed which is why her eyes got at big as saucers.


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