The first first time I talked with
Diego Bucchieri was in late 2011. I gave him the number to my father’s
skateshop, where I was working. He called and told my father he was working
with Nike SB and wanted me on the team. When we finally go to the Nike offices
to get the first pairs of shoes, most of them were Janoskis but mostly Mid. So with that first pair I got,
I remember cutting the upper part to make them low. At that time, those were the shoes
I skated with the most. It was a shoe all of us liked
and blended perfectly with each of our styles. When we were shooting for the “Roots” project,
we wanted to skate this barrier. So we built a couple of transitions
to make it skateable. And, until this day, we keep using it. I love doing a new trick in a spot where a lot
of tricks have been done. Go back where we once skated
and try to do something new. That’s the best. Now the shoe feels like
it’s built as one piece. I feel the structure of the sole so much more solid. They feel slimmer and
fit perfectly to one’s foot. I still choose them to skate because
they bring together everything I like.

REMASTERIZADOS | Nike SB x doceseis
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