ok… it doesn’t start off THAT perfectly… but just wait Here we go! Wow, that timing THAT WAS A GORGEOUS OUTSIDE EDGE!!! His spins are actually musical now Conducting the music… nice YAAAAS Yes, I manually added the take-off sound Oops, a bit early there Hehehe This part is my favorite //twizzles beautifully to the music// So expressive, Nathan! Actually, THIS is my favorite part! Completely unplanned, I swear Oof, please disregard that terrible music cut I’m very content with my work 🙂 Please like, comment, subscribe… Uhh… and push that bell for notifications 😉 The usual YouTube routine, yada yada yada We just do this, because we’re bored Also, I promise you that we actually think Nathan has SO MUCH potential But we’re also complete jerks So this is how we are expressing it 😛 STAY TUNED FOR MORE!! 🙂

[Reimagined] Nathan Chen – 2019 Worlds SP (Let It Go)
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One thought on “[Reimagined] Nathan Chen – 2019 Worlds SP (Let It Go)

  • August 17, 2019 at 3:36 am

    Omg this is Hilarious 🧀


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