[music] LINDA: That was so (much) fun! I’m getting
better, aren’t I, Dad? ANTHONY: Yes, you are. You’re learning very
quickly. Oh look, there’s Tasha. Hi, Tasha. Hi, Lisa.
LISA: Hi! Hi, Linda. ANTHONY: Are you going skating?
TASHA: No, we don’t skate. I mean, we’d like to, but we’ve never skated
before. LISA: I want to learn figure skating.
LINDA: You don’t know how to skate? LISA: No, not yet.
LINDA: It’s so easy! LISA: Maybe easy for you.
LINDA: Well, I can show you. LISA: Now?
ANTHONY: Well, what about taking skating lessons? LINDA: Yeah!
LISA: But we don’t have any skates! ANTHONY: You can rent some here at the rink.
It doesn’t cost much. LINDA: If you take lessons, that means we
can go skating together. LISA: Can we, Mom?
TASHA: I think that’s a good idea. Let’s ask at the office about classes,
shall we? Thanks. LISA: Bye.
LINDA: Bye. [Approaching counter] CLERK: Hi, can I help you?
TASHA: Yes. We’d like some information about skating lessons.
CLERK: Our skating lessons start the first week in January. Is it for
your daughter? TASHA: Yes, it’s for my daughter and for me.
CLERK: Oh, okay! Let’s see. LISA: Can we go together?
CLERK: Yes, you can go together if you like. Our family class is
Thursday evening from 7:45 (seven forty-five) until 8:15 (eight
fifteen). LISA: Would you like that, Mom?
TASHA: Sure! And how much does it cost? CLERK: It costs $22 (twenty-two dollars) for
six lessons. TASHA: That’s for the two of us?
CLERK: No, that’s $22 (twenty-two dollars) per person.
TASHA: Oh, I see. LISA: But we don’t have any skates.
TASHA: That’s right. Can you tell me how much it costs to rent them?
CLERK: Skates are $1.50 (one dollar and fifty cents) per session. But
you get a discount while you are taking the lessons.
TASHA: Oh, and how much is the discount? CLERK: The rental will be $7 (seven dollars)
per person for the length of the course.
TASHA: Oh, that’s pretty good. And how do we pay?
CLERK: You can pay right now, and then you bring your receipt to your
class to get your skates. TASHA: Oh, good. Now, we don’t skate at all.
Can that be a problem? CLERK: No. It’s a beginner’s class, so most of the people in the class
have never skated before. LISA: It sounds great. Let’s do it, Mom!
TASHA: All right. And how do we register? CLERK: Just fill out this form.
TASHA: Okay. Oh, I don’t have a pen. CLERK: Oh, you can use mine.
TASHA: Thanks. [Returning to counter]
TASHA: There it is. CLERK: Fine, and that will be $44 (forty-four
dollars) for the two of you, plus $14 (fourteen dollars), for the
rental of the skates. That’s $58 (fifty-eight dollars) all together.
TASHA: Fifty-eight ($58). Just a minute. Here, here is 60 (sixty).
CLERK: Sixty dollars ($60). And $2 (two dollars) is your change.
TASHA: Thanks. CLERK: Thank you, and here is your receipt
and a brochure. Please remember to bring your receipt to your class
to get your skates. TASHA: Yes, all right.
LISA: Can I look at it, Mom? TASHA: [To Lisa] Sure, here you go.
[This dialogue might conclude as follows] TASHA: [To Clerk] Thank you very much.
CLERK: You’re welcome.

Registering for Skating Lessons – Lesson 51 – English in Vancouver
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