Sandy marked Santiago de Cuba. It was a very strong hurricane which affected the city economically and socially.  I felt really insecure and fearful  They say it all happened in a matter of few hours; to me, it felt like days… I remember, the following morning I woke and stood at the doorstep of my house When I saw the city, I could not hold back the tears Everything was so grey, so inert.  But not even 30 minutes go by and you see people on the street, You see people being preoccupied with fixing things You see that help is coming from everywhere everybody feeling each other’s pain. I don’t think I ever felt so important, really so connected with a situation and with other people’s pain as in that moment. I think the main obstacle to youth taking initiative is that youth themselves don`t feel they are part of the community we believe, we are convinced that the country needs support in creating a series of values and training for the future of the country that is in the hands of young people there are many young Cubans that are not participating how they could in the social and economic changes of the country. not as a vulnerable group, but as a group with great potential to mobilize cuban society.  When I arrive here I enter a bubble here everything is so interesting: the scenery the atmosphere, the sound of the wind…. you step outside of the real world.  They are people that I would have never imagined getting to know But that have so much to teach me The fact is, as a biologist I have never interacted with research like this When the project ended I found myself walking around Santa Clara the places that I usually go to: the school, these type of places and I would remember, I would always remember the project, and what we had done together and the discussions that we had the questions that you asked us What did we want to do to improve the environment? So I was thinking: If before I threw trash in the street, why not throwing it in the trash bin? and so yeah…this is what made me think the project improved my life a lot in this way When I started with the Project I thought it was going to be like what all projects have always been: a person in front of you telling you something, lecturing you telling us how our relationship with nature should be explaining to us what is climate change, what is the environment… what they always do. This process, from the beginning, was surprising the way we worked. Not so didactical but more horizontal. It was great I don’t like seeing it dirty. Walking by it every day and seeing it dirty – I don’t like it. I realized I could do something because I know many people and my sister does too. I don’t like to see it dirty and I want to clean it

Recrear – Changing the Climate in Cuba

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