Hey guys, it’s Karina. And it’s Ronald, and we’re from SIS vs BRO and today we’re going to be reacting to our old baby videos! Dun dun dun! I’m pretty excited for this. Ronald, how about you? Same here. Excited! We never watched these videos before. Well, maybe we have, but I have no idea what they’re gonna be, so I’m just excited for this. I wanna see them. I wanna see my cute little chubby face. Let’s just play the video. Okay. (laughing) I’m so scared. (laughing) (laughing) That’s me. I thought That’s me! Look at me! I thought that was me. Look at my chubby face. (laughing) And look at me. I was like so stylish back then. (laughing) Yeah. (laughing) I dressed you up as a princess, Ronald. And we were twirling like ballerinas. (laughing) Oh my God no way. Look, you’re a cute little princess. (laughing) And like I had super powers. (yelling) Oh, I’m a worm. I turned into a worm. Ah, this is our old dog, Rumbo. He’s so cute. Oh, look at me. I’m stealing his ball. (laughing) Now I’m playing basketball. I knew I was gonna be awesome at basketball, so that’s my practicing. (laughing) Look at his face. Yeah, practice my basketball. Ooh! What’s going on? I don’t get it. I’m just playing basketball obviously, Ronald. (laughing) Where is me? Will you see me throughout the round?
You’re in the stroller over there. Yeah, but we also see me twirling around like a princess. (singing) What’s next? Oh, what? It’s Ronald the princess again. (laughing) We’re twirling. We’re twirling again. Put your hands on your head, Ronald. (laughing) And now twirl! (laughing) Yay, twirling! Oh my God. We’re twirling. (laughing) Why am I a princess? Why is this princess being so brutal? Now touch your feet. (laughing) And dance. (laughing) Oh no. Oh no. Oh no. You look amazing in that dress, Ronald. Oh no. I wanna put a dress on you now. Oh! That’s me, that’s me ’cause I’m wearing pink socks. (laughing) Yeah, look at me. Look at my shirt, it’s so cute. (baby babbling) Bwah bwah bwah bwah bwah bwah! Yes, that’s what I created. Bwah bwah bwah! (laughing) Yes, stick those tongues out. (kids talking) (laughing) Oh wait, no. Oh, look at her shoes. They look snazzy. You gonna put them on, Karina? (laughing) Yeah, probs. Probs. You don’t even have socks. You have to wear socks if you wanna wear those shoes. You’re gonna put them on anyways. (laughing) Here, bring them to my dog. Oh yeah. Here, put these on. Put these on. (laughing) My feet can’t fit. (laughing) My feet can’t fit. (laughing) Do you know how to put on shoes? (laughing) What? That’s not how you do it, Karina. (laughing) Yeah. (laughing) You’re a fish, Ronald. Wait, how old was that? Wait, that wasn’t that old. Hi, my name’s Karina, and I’ll like to show you a few pictures about Oh, this was before we moved. I made a video on my mom’s phone, and I took a bunch of pictures of our old house. I hope you’ll enjoy it. Okay, bye. Your acting has started. Ah, it didn’t even show pictures. Oh, ew. Awe, I look so happy. Hello there. (laughing) Oh my goodness, I’m so cute. (laughing) Where are you? When was this? I don’t remember. I remember being on stage about a million times. I probably don’t remember this. What? It’s a hula hooping contest. Look, I think I’m the girl on the bottom. Look at me. I’m just pro at hula hopping. Not hula hopping, hula hooping. Hula hopping, hula hooping. Did I just win a prize for hula hooping? Oh yeah, I was pro back then. Blah blah blah. (baby babbling) (laughing) Okay, thank God that one’s over. Oh no, we’re performing. Yeah, look at me. I was a pro dancer. (laughing) What are you doing? Oh, now it’s my turn. (laughing) Yeah, I knew how to do those moves. Yeah, look at me doing those moves. Are we performing? Of course we are. We’re like Pros.
Yeah. Pros at dancing. Look at me. Oh yeah, look at those moves. Look at those moves. Do you even know you’re in front of people? (laughing) Oh, now you finally twirled. (upbeat music) Oh, look at us pro dancing. Look, I even did this at the end. Oh, look at me crossing my legs. I’m so elegant right there. Elegant. What are you doing? No what are you doing more like? (laughing) What are you doing? I’m like elegant like I always am. What? Oh yeah. (laughing) Look how you move live. I’m just sticking up one of my legs. Am I doing gymnastics? Do you practice this? I think I did. (laughing) I just came on because like I was like gymnastics. Okay, please be over. Oh no, now you’re shaking booty. (laughing) Okay, only one shake. Pretty good. That’s my sixth birthday. I think. Yeah, it is. (laughing) Wow, there we go. Yay! I’m the lucky I’m in the back there. Yes, happy birthday to me. (laughing) So cheesy. Look, there’s a baby in the back, and you’re like nope. Ah, look at everything. It’s pink. It’s so pretty. Oh, we’re going to the birthday party. I had like a pink flower in my hair. (laughing) We had like a vlog. Is that me on the trampoline? No, yeah. You’re jumping on the trampoline. (laughing) What are you doing? (laughing) Stop it, okay? (laughing) Okay, now
Ah look at those moves. Those moves, yeah! Why’d you go to the middle of the airport or something? Where is this? I don’t know. I have no idea. I feel like it’s
Oh we’re taking turns turns dancing. Yeah, look at Ronald’s moves! Wow. Ronald’s moves are (yelling) (laughing) This is mine, remember. My okay, remember, okay? I heard yeah I can remember in the back. (laughing) Ah, my moves are awesome! Okay, let’s watch it. Ooh. Oh! I remember. I made an Elsa dress, and I was like pretending to be Elsa, and I sang the song when she was like on the cliff. Like making her magic castle thingy. Let it go. Let it go. Embarrassment. Look at that. I’m so cute. Where am I? (laughing) We’re all silent. I was so good at singing then. I swear I was behind the camera. I followed you upstairs. (laughing) Yeah, those stairs I even remember the entire song. Oh, now right here is where you throw it. And my mom even made my hair, and I did throw my crown. I remember all the words, look at me. When do you throw it? We’re at the end, right? Oh yeah, I throw the crown. Oh! Goodbye, crown! I think I caught it. I’m gonna take down my hair. When they edited it, you turned into frozen Elsa. Remember then? (laughing) I see you. Oh, that’s French. Nah this.
I don’t remember any of this now. I forgot how to speak French. Oh, my hair was so long there. I wish I never cut my hair. I had nice, long hair then. I put on Ronald’s Spiderman costume, and I climbed up the walls. (laughing) It was so fun. (laughing) What was that? I literally did nothing. Oh, there we go. Oh here we go. Yeah, I could go all the way to the top this way. Spiderwoman. Yeah, Spiderwoman. That isn’t that old. I remember. (laughing) Yeah, whack it! Whack it. You better whack it. This was my first ever video made for YouTube, but I actually never ever posted it. But I remember we have a couple more baby videos on another YouTube channel. A secret YouTube channel nobody knows about, and we post random things on it like baby videos. Okay, guys. That was fun watching those baby videos. I hope you guys liked the video. If you did, Smash that like button, and we’ll see you all next time. Goodbye! (singing) (upbeat music)

Reacting to Old Baby Videos!!!
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