– [Carl] Kyle, you’ve got
your riding helmet on. What have you been doin’? – Um, I’ve been riding my scooter! – [Carl] You have? – Yeah! – We should go to the skate park. You think we should go
to the skate park today? – Yeah! – [Carl] We have never
really been to the skate park before, have we? – We haven’t been to this skate park. – [Carl] No, it’ll be really fun. Kyle, I have an even better idea. What if we did the skate
park versus RC cars? We’ve got RC cars, we’ve never driven ’em at a skate park before. That would be fun, right? – Yeah. – Let’s do it because
every day’s a new day. Let’s make it an awesome one. (upbeat music) (engine humming) – [Carl] And it’s broken already. (laughs) – [Kyle] Whoa!
– [Carl] Whoa! (wheels screeching) (Kyle laughs)
– [Carl] Yeah! That was awesome, right? We’re gonna have to get
all of our protective gear and helmets and everything
’cause we’re gonna take– – Wait, are we takin’
this to the skate park? – [Carl] Yeah, we’re gonna take one of the crazy drift
karts to the skate park. – This is gonna be awesome! (Carl laughs) – [Carl] So cool. Our big X-Maxx RC truck is
out of commission right now because when we were
jumpin’ it the other day, we accidentally snapped off one of the whole rear
suspension and the wheel, and everything got broken
and that did not work. But look at this, guys. We’ve got custom LED lights on the front, then we have ’em right here and here. And these little switches
actually change the color, so we have a custom LED light
kit on our X-Maxx truck. It’s gonna look really
cool to drive in the dark. We should put the cover
on and just take it down to the basement so everybody could see it. See this one, we got set
up with the red LED lights right there, and if you
could see over here, this one’s set to green. Let’s switch them over all to red and then we’ll put the cover
on down in the basement. It’s gonna look cool. We haven’t even got to the basement yet and look how awesome it looks already. – [Kyle] Whoa! – [Carl] It’s totally glowing
with all the LED lights. – [Kyle] It has headlights! – [Carl] It totally has headlights. – [Kyle] Actual headlights! – [Carl] Yeah, look, it
totally like shines like this, so you can drive it around. And all of these colors actually change so you can make it red or green or blue or anything like that. Let’s go in here. We’ve got it down here on the pool table because there’s no windows in this room and you can really see the light kit that we have custom on
this Traxxas X-Maxx. Go ahead and hit the lights, Kyle. – [Kyle] Whoa! – [Carl] Look at that! – [Kyle] I can’t see anything. – [Carl] Isn’t that awesome? It glows up through the plastic. – [Kyle] That is so cool! – [Carl] What color do you guys think would look the coolest on this X-Maxx? Luke, what do you think? – [Luke] Um, I think it
would look cool with green. – [Carl] With green? – [Kyle] Blue! – [Carl] Or blue? Well tell us down in the
comments below, guys, which color you think would be the coolest on our new custom lighted X-Maxx RC truck. Too bad this whole back end is
all broken off of here, huh? We’re gonna have to get it fixed and once it’s repaired, maybe we’ll go out for some night time rock crawling. We’re all loaded up and ready
to go to the skate park. We’ve got a skateboard,
what else we got, guys? – We got three RC cars and a drift kart. – [Carl] We’re bringing a whole
big crazy kart drift kart. – We have scooters, too! – It’s gonna be really fun, let’s go. – [Carl] Jinger’s got
her party glasses on. – Oh, oh yeah. You know what Luke said to me? He said, “Mom, looks like
you’re blockin’ out the haters.” – [Carl] Oh, blockin’ out? (Carl laughs)
(Jinger laughs) And getting ready to ride,
like, the crazy drift kart at the skate park, right?
– [Jinger] You know what? These keep me shielded from
the sun and they look cool. – [Carl] They remind me of
Lizzie Sharer from Sharer fan, with Steven Sharer. – She has some cool ones, too. – [Carl] She has some
cool ones like that, too, and they’re kind of
awesome so Jinger got some. (upbeat music) We made it to the skate park, guys. We got all our RC cars ready to go. The kids are riding around on
their scooters and everything. – Hi! – [Carl] It’s their first time ever being at the skate park, really, on
their scooters and stuff, huh? – This is so fun. – [Carl] It’s really fun. But I’m excited to see how they do. The skate park versus the RC cars. Which one should we do first, Kyle? – Uh, I think we should do mine. – [Carl] I say we just get ’em all rippin’ and let’s go for it. – Okay! (Carl shouts) – Check it out, guys. This is our new Traxxas Slash RC truck. And what’s special about this one is not only is it four wheel drive, but it has a lot of
upgraded aluminum parts and custom stuff with it. – Whoa! – And one of the coolest
things is it has speakers and it actually sounds
like a real rally truck. So check this out, listen. (engine revs) – Whoa! That’s so cool! – So when I hit the gas on
it, it revs up the engine. (engine revs) It has a real RC truck sound. It’s really cool, huh? – Yeah! (engine revs) – We’re all ready to go with this RC car. We’re gonna see how it goes. Are you ready? – Yeah! – RC car versus skate park. Ready?
– Ready! – Now do a countdown. – Three, two, one, go! (upbeat music)
(engine revs) Ooh! – [Carl] Oh, the camera totally came off. And it’s broken already. (laughs) – Hi! Got you. – Oh no, you guys! We only made it, like, maybe 20 feet and this whole swing arm
just totally snapped off. The camera fell off when
we went over the first jump and this whole front
thing snapped off as well. So, so far, skate park versus RC car, the skate park is totally winning. This is why we have
backups, our tried and true. This is the very first RC
truck that we ever got, and this one has survived
a ton of crashes and stuff. So we’re gonna come over
here to this big bowl. Check that out. Are you ready, Kyle? – [Kyle] Yeah, this one’s really sturdy. – I’m gonna be a lot
more careful this time. I was a little bit excited,
but let’s go for it. Here we go, alright,
I’m dropping in, Kyle. Are you ready? – Yeah! Three, two, one, go! – [Carl] So careful! (energetic electric guitar music) Woo, so far, so good! (energetic electric guitar music) What’s crazy about this
is I’m barely going. This things will go,
like, 60 miles per hour, so I’m trying to be really
careful not to just, like, launch clear out of the
skate park by going too fast. (engine revs) (energetic electric guitar music) (Carl and Kyle cheering) – Yeah, that was awesome, right? – RC for the win! – Can you believe I caught
that all the way off the jump? Here, let’s drop back in, ready? (Kyle exclaims) Yep, ready? Here, three, two, one, go! (tires screech) Oh, no! Help it out, bud. Some of the jumps over here
are a little bit smaller, but I wanna see if I can make it clear over this whole saddle. And maybe we’ll even
try, like, a rail slide. That would be really awesome, right? Let’s do it.
– Yeah! – Thumbs up for good luck. Here we go, are you ready, Kyle? – Yeah, three, two, one, go! (tires screech) – [Carl] Here we go, gonna
try and make the jump. Whoa! (upbeat music) Oh, no! – It’s okay, though! – [Carl] It’s okay, so far, so good. (engine revs) (upbeat music) Here we go! (upbeat music) – Look at it go! That was so cool! – That was so much better. I think this car is totally beating the skate park right now. What do you think? Tell us down in the comments below. We’re gonna try and do the
RC car versus a rail slide and see if this happens. What do you think is gonna happen, Kyle? Is it gonna make it over? – Yeah! – I think it might fall on
the side, but we’re gonna try. We’re gonna go really careful here. You ready? (tires screech) Oh, it totally did a rail slide! Did you see that? It totally rail slid right over, just like a real skate
board, that was so cool. – [Kyle] Yeah! – I think the next
thing that we need to do is the RC car with a drift
kart in the skate park. That’s gonna be awesome.
– Let’s do it, yeah! I’m so excited. – So I’ll load it up, and
the crazy kart, we just gotta find a good spot for him
to get down in there, huh? – Yeah. – I think right over here, let’s go. – Okay. – Here, I’ll give you a helping hand here. Woo!
– Whoa! – There he goes! (engine revs) (Kyle shouts) (upbeat music) – [Carl] You’re doing awesome! (Luke screams) Oh, there you go, Luke! (upbeat music) That was cool! Are you ready to race? We’re gonna do a spin out race, ready? – Yeah, ready! – Here we go. All set, go! (engine revs) I think the drift kart does a better job. (Carl shouts) I think the drift kart totally won that part of the challenge. What do you think? Tell us down on the comments below. (upbeat music) – Woo! – Kyle, how are we gonna get Luke out? Go give him a push! And then go back here! And then go full speed up there! – We better not. Let’s just carry it out, we’ll be safe. – Yeah! – [Jinger] Gotta get the drift
kart out of the skate park. Alright, that’s the safe way to do it. – Yep, there we go. Well, guys, we totally kind
of like had the skate park win this one, I think. But you guys vote down
in the comments below who you think won. Was it the RC cars or the skate park or was it the drift kart? What do you think, Luke? Should we just skate around and have fun? – Yeah, let’s do it! – [Carl] Let’s do it. Woo! Kyle, you’re doing pretty awesome. So are you, Luke. (laughs) That looks like so much fun. Do you guys have a skate park where you live in your hometown? Luke’s droppin’ in. He’s droppin’ in to the bowl. Here he goes. Hoo! (laughs) Aw, this is a really cool skate park, huh? Ooh, good little bunny hop, dude! (upbeat music) Guys, we had such a fun
day at the skate park with the drift cars and
the RC cars and trucks. I think what we need to do
next is take the big X-Maxx with the LED lights up
into the mountains and do some really cool hill
climbing and rock climbing. Don’t you think that would be awesome? Two of the RC cars that we
drove at the skate park today did not survive, however. So make sure and smash that like button. Hit subscribe and turn on notifications so you can be part of
our notification squad. And give us good luck so maybe we’ll have better luck next time, huh? You guys, we had such a
fun day at the skate park with our RC cars, even though
we broke a couple of ’em. Woo! Click anywhere on the
screen in order to subscribe or to watch more videos,
and we’ll see you guys in the next one, okay? – [Group] Bye! – [Carl] It’s a race back to the car! Run, guys, run! (laughs) I’m not runnin’!

RC Car vs Skateboard Adventure!!
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