and nobody’s gonna do nothing about it ola youtube my name is Ricardo lino and
a wheel addict in yesterday’s video you saw me doing the end box of this game
this is the razor’s shift – that video was filmed when I was in
Portugal a few weeks ago since then I did gave a few tries to disc 8 I skated
them with this frame and I also stated them with a 125 millimeters ufs frame
from non control that comes with this soleplate which is the razor’s cosmo
soleplate well let’s talk a little bit about it
and I’m gonna start by talking about the stock skate which is again the razor’s
shift – what do we have here so starting from the top the liner the
liner actually works really really good I couldn’t really explain what type of
material disease and I still can’t what I can tell is that somehow the material
it looks like a pajama however we can say that is just it’s cozy it’s a super
cozy material and felt soft but at the same time not too soggy you know
sometimes the materials are too soft and they don’t give you enough support so
let me just take the liner review without any screws attaching the
soleplate I felt like it’s supportive that’s for
sure the top of the liner is harder than the bottom of the liner the front it
does have the stitching here but it do not feel it from the inside I know that
a lot of liners in the market right now the Frog material is kind of like
expandable more like a new no material that they use on the surf
wet seeds which they don’t use on the rind but it could also be because of my
sizing but I didn’t felt like I needed the line I felt comfortable
it felt supportive and I usually don’t like liners that have like the top of
the foot here it’s hard and I remember that all the rind liners back in the day
even the the razor’s liners they usually are like that but on these one I don’t
know if it’s because of the shell boot or its if it’s because of the laces here
I actually didn’t felt anything wrong with it I do know that the lace is
always kept the tongue in the right position also the material like I said
the one that looks like a pajama it makes a really good job on keeping the
tongue it is say in the same position so it gave me any pressure points on this
boot with this liner it actually works really really good the skate older that
some people sometimes use as I don’t even know how to call it as a way to
pull your skin your feet in escape cooler I don’t know you can call it but
some people sometimes use these with a lot of strength trying to put their feet
in you know what I tried it I didn’t had any problems so it’s still here the
stitching is not that strong around that area but you know what no problems at
all so as a liner well really good shock absorbing on the liner
well it has a little bit of a shock absorbing on the on the insole which
well I don’t really think it was needed but it also didn’t make any damage
lately I’ve been skating a lot with really really stiff in their soles which
is completely different from this but I didn’t felt any loss of performance for
using like shock absorbing on the inner sole and another shock absorber here
which is like I showed you in the unboxing video it’s fake this is really
big I didn’t found the skates lower because of this but we’ll get there in a
second I felt escaped comfortable again so the mix of DS shock absorber with
these liner on this boot it felt good I didn’t I also didn’t felt like I was
disconnected to to the boot while grinding because sometimes when you use
a lot of stuff in between your foot and your grinding surface sometimes you lose
that sense of grinding which I didn’t felt like a lot I think the scale is
actually really well built and I still felt sensitivity on my sole tricks if
that makes sense for you so that’s a good thing
and then again because of the lacing of the liner I feel like I don’t need to to
wear the cuffs super super tight something I started doing with my first
aliens I started lacing the liner a lot and
then would give me the possibility of not tightening the cuff that much it
also works with these things that was a good thing so comfort wise I’m not going to talk a lot more about
the things that already spoke about in Indian boxing but I’m going to talk a
little bit more about the performance so I started from the top like I said it’s
comfortable the noise that these skates make kills me
the famous razor squeaking it’s just weird
every time there’s any movement on the cuff you it’s annoying but at the same
time if you look at it that means that something is happening here that means
that that cuff is doing what it’s supposed to be doing it’s supposed to
give you lateral support but it’s supposed to move back and forward right
so you’re supposed to have some fourth flex and it does that I do know that a
lot of people has been waxing the inner part of the cuff or waxing the boot so
it doesn’t make that northerly this is that noise I didn’t do that so sometimes
I wish I was skating with headphones as a boot like I did skate the previous
razor’s boot which was the SL boot I used to love how easy it was to do some
of the tricks I didn’t felt like I lost any of that easiness to do the tricks
with this case so as an aggressive skating tricks Kate for grinds if you
wanna say it they work amazing for topsides they were not too hard
obviously the the soleplate is super white and because calf is doing a good
job well it was not too hard to do top sides negative tricks you know what I
didn’t really try negative tricks Emmett I didn’t do one single negative trick
but just by holding the skate that’s just it’s gonna be way too easy to do
negative traits with you the reason why I said it’s actually super well aligned
some of the skates sometimes you feel like when you’re skating the frame might
not be fully centered or might be a little bit twisted to one of the sides
as an example with the with the first remedy
open shell it was harder for me to do negatives because I felt like my feet
were always bending the the topside way then I know that they corrected that on
the the latest versions but on this cane it just I don’t think I’m gonna have any
problem do you negative so I’m not even gonna stay on the negatives top sides
easy so trick they were super fast I know that these two little buttons here
they’re not done with the intention of reducing the soul surface but they do
you know what these little pieces are in so it’s a little bit less surface
touching while they’re grinding so faster I’m not saying it’s because of it
but they were fast I was skating in a bowl that usually it’s not waxed and I
didn’t felt any stickiness Royale tricks with his friends at first I hated it why
I hated it because I felt like the frame was super low and I felt like I wouldn’t
need to bend my foot but the reason why I felt that way it’s because I’ve been
skating a higher frame I’ve been skating the wish frames where I need to bend my
foot a lot more so it was so weird for me at first to get into Royal tricks
because I felt like I was doing wrong with my feet just like this if I do this
this is a rail and on my other skates I need to do this so these difference at
first I didn’t like it but once I skated them a little bit more than I I really
enjoyed it and for torque tricks that made it amazing so back slides and
torque tricks with these skates were super super easy so if that’s one of the
tricks that you like to do and you want to keep doing them or if you just want
to learn those streaks and if you don’t have a skate that you feel it’s that
easy with this case it’s actually super super easy to do either back slides or
torque tricks so that’s a big plus and I guess everyone would like this case for
Royal tricks it was just me because I’ve been used to something else
keep going something that I don’t like about these is the anti rockers and it’s
not because it’s the ground control or it’s
the Kaiser or undercover whatever it’s just noisy and it just annoys me so
much so there was something that I didn’t like imagine I was skating and I
was the squeaking plus the noise of the anti rockers it’s it’s super easy to fix
I would rather probably skate without them where I would change the frame even
if this frame is good this frame is amazing this frame is fast what I wanted
to do topsides would be fast so tricks but at the same time Royales and back
slides and torques like I said before in the unboxing video I didn’t like the
previous version every time that I would back line I would feel you wouldn’t be
consistent the way you use the slide because of the frame being too soft now
with the frame is much harder it’s good now I do know that on these frame which
is the latest version which is not that new of the ground control frame they did
change the little washers that they have on the on the frame from plastic to
aluminum and it’s supposed to make the the skate faster I didn’t felt like
these wheels were the fastest ones on the market but also I’m not used to
skate anti rockers so going from a flat set up to skating on two wheels only it
feels a little bit slower and then because of the shock absorber which yes
it makes the skate super super comfortable but then because your heel
is a little bit higher then you lean forward with two wheels only makes the
skate feel a little bit slow at first I said a little bit and then it really
felt like the state was lowered any others it was just a question of getting
used to it and I guess that’s it it’s like a really well-built skate it works
amazing I didn’t use the screws that are supposed to be used who thinks the
soleplate I didn’t use them because I wanted to use these ones and that’s what
I’m going to talk about right now so as an aggressive skate I would totally tell
you yes go for it also if you only have one pair of skates or if you only have
space for one pair of skates but if you don’t want to change
from one pair of skates to the other but you also wanna have big wheels this
could be a really good option now the final test will be this one check this to start off but that’s me I cannot
really press the buttons I always need to have a little tool to change it I
don’t think that’s the problem then super easy to change that’s stupid
take this frame away now the problems for me started when I had to change from
the small wheels to the big wheels I always have a little bit more difficulty
that’s why I said this is the test let’s see if I can do it now if I can do it
now then it’s just me and that did so see I did it I guess it was mainly me
but I have to admit that it was harder for me to change from these two days
than to change from these to that when I will add the big wheels when I scared it
to the skate park on I got there I wanted to change to the
aggressive skinny frame it seriously took me 15 seconds not more than that
but to change from these cities it was always a little bit harder for me I
don’t know if it’s because the so space is smaller so it makes a little bit more
pressure I don’t know if it’s my skate if it’s my sole plate it was a little
bit harder for me to change from small wheels to big wheels than from big
wheels to small wheels I guess that’s not really problem again you get used to
it now I could not do it with fingers like
some people can do it some people say that they just press here on these two
buttons and they can change it I couldn’t I always had to use a tool even
if you click to press there something really important even when I skate them
with the big wheels I never used the screws fixing the stupid I never I never
got any problem even with all the torsion that you have when you skated a
taller frame because this is a 125 a lot of people that escaped this case with 1
times the 125 is the one that gives you the most torsion but I wanted to try
these boots with the 125 because that’s there will be the best way for me to
test them what did I thought about this now the skate that I just spoke about
would be called the shift to this skate just like that is sold as the cosmo not
like this because I think the cosmo could come as a one time but the try
skate from razors with this soleplate it’s called the razor’s cosmo as someone
who usually skates on free skates almost every day something like even like this
which is a carbon boot i would compare these boot with these I mean like to
check the size of the hill on this one this is a carbon skate which is made for
small of skaters which need their food to always be touching each part of the
skate that there’s no free space inside escape like this you know there’s your
every single part of the skate is touching your food or escape like this
it’s completely different you look at this it’s a lot bulky
even if as an aggressive skate is not too wide it’s a lot Bolger and maybe
that’s one of the reasons why the razor Kosmic and that some day I didn’t say
before they come with a 45 degree buckle basically there’s something you pulling
her heel but you know what I’ve seen a few reviews on the internet where people
say that they felt like they were needing this bar code being as honest as
I can I didn’t really felt that they worked really nice as a 125 skate if I
could have more than one scale and if I could choose a specific 125 scale I
would not choose this one but it does work really well as a 125 skate so if I
want to keep one skate if I want to have an aggressive skate with an option to go
big wheels this is actually a really nice option
I didn’t felt my heel moving a lot inside I do know that a lot of the
people that made that best use the different liner with this liner with the
rhein liner with the laces start properly
I didn’t felt my foot moving a lot inside but again I wasn’t doing slalom
tricks or anything like that I might have done a few tours I did try a few
slides that’s something that I’m gonna talk about right now so these wheels
they are the grittiest wheels that I’ve ever tried in my whole
life I have never skated a set of wheels with the same grip as these ones
obviously I didn’t skate them for a long time and I know that after going through
this layer they gonna get actually normal but this first layer I’ve never
felt any wheels as creepy as these for the good and the bad
yes it’s amazing if you want to skate for more control and if you don’t really
control slides then a grip you will it’s actually amazing you can just turn
whenever you want you can do tire turns without being scared of your skate
sliding it’s good now for me this was weird because I’m so used to use the
slides even as the way to control my skates that having such grippy wheels
sometimes made my experience not as enjoyable but obviously again if I skate
through these wheels I know that this layer will come out and then
they’ll be good now these wheels compared to these ones it’s a whole
different thing even if the skate is still leaning forward a little bit
they were fast these were fast compared to the other ones it’s just like you
know that eight and eighty it’s basically the same those are the eight
these are the 80 these bills were fast fast and grippy again four slides it was
kinda weird so when I was on the skate park I know that this is not a scape for
skate park but on a skate park a way for me to test the grip on the wheels it’s
usually just go quarter pipe and then I know that I usually can never stay on a
certain angle of the quarter pipe and just stay there and with these wheels
that happen I could just stay like this it was just so weird but again I know
that a lot of people will like this it’s just for my type of scanning new wheels
was where but we’re not in the bed we’re just different from what I’m used to
the frame is super super solid you can see that just think and I believe that
this frame can also work with other booths so I’ll be trying this frame on
also on us this way switch as the ufs boot it’s been my ufs boot that i’ve
been using for all my ufs skates with big wheels like when I skate try Max or
when I want to try like a bigger power blade in frame 80 millimeters there
would be the boot that I use so now I’m interested in trying these these ufs
frame also in that boot because I really believe that this frame is super super
stiff and strong and can be actually super nice I might also try this frame
with smaller wheels just to play around with it or I can even maybe put like a
smaller wheel just in front to try it a little bit rockered and that’s it I also
used this soleplate which again it’s not made for grinds I tried them for a few
grands and I could do some fish frames I didn’t really try to do top sauce
because I was scared of the wheels being too sticky but as the Macchio or a fish
rainy grinding skate they do worry so that was it
I enjoyed the skates a lot and again I would totally advise you to get this
case especially if you don’t have a lot of space for skate or if you don’t want
to buy another pair of skates and if you’re already an aggressive skaters and
again especially if you have a set of these all you need to do just to buy a
frame and it’s easy you just take five seconds to do maybe two minutes with me
but which you might be five seconds ah and by the way if you want to get these
cage with ten percent discount you can use code Leno at blade Viacom or other
skate calm and that’s it this case will be cheaper for you and that’s it for today I hope you guys
enjoy it enjoyed this video and if you did enjoy this video do not forget to
give me some thumbs up if you didn’t like the video you can give me thumbs
down but hey about this video what did I do wrong here was it because I took too
long to put these ones anyway also super important if you’re not
subscribe to the channel now might be the time to do it if the subscribe
little logo it’s in the color of my beanie once you press on it it’s gonna
become great once it’s great there will be a bear showing on the side if you
press on that bell you will get notifications every time I upload one of
these videos now something that I always say now don’t want you to ever forget is
why we all started skating because it’s fun cheers guys and see you soon

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