good morning guys we don't have time to look for my ELF because I had to go to school but mama picked me up so let's go find our else and I'm right all right we are back home so we are gonna go and look for elf because we didn't have time this morning Trinity had to be to school early so we're about cornell and we will go inside and see if we can't find our elf they were hiding yesterday really dangerous tips they're like little circles and i like by your skin would you and i met in school today nope but you don't know about the ticks i don't know if they do it's raining guys okay hold on trend okay wait madison haven't been feeling very good today so alright girls just seen down here make sure you're quiet shutting that we don't want to scare Lippe good morning Lippe over here by the tree no this is our cute Christmas tree that are all Rus anything under there nothing in there lunch like maybe the fridge what Mean Girls hid in the fridge last year and decorated eggs and pretended to be the Easter Bunny anything in there nope nothing in there ah that thing is both of us all right so far no elves they were upstairs so we need to go downstairs and like we finished setting up our Christmas tree should we go show them oh yes no angel what are they doing I'm cookie you're confused it is a saint what does her sign say k it says meet our friends so sparkles and bubblegum brought some friends back from the North Pole so we got the red elf and his name is chippy everybody he's the good elf from the movie alpha Michelle and he lost his magic once he did the blue elf his name is buddy and whenever you see him it usually means there's a little something extra waiting for you so he is the gift elf he brings presents and gifts for you did he bring one today somewhere in this snow or two gifts for each of you girls to look for and the green elf his name is jinx genius the guys I'm so confused right there is somebody else his name is jinx he's kind of a tricky elf the trickster the prankster the jokester he likes to play little tricks and and and pranks Oh so when he is around there's usually some he's usually up to something pink bubblegum and it looks like these guys are racing cuz this sign back here says else sled race so they're having a race down with Snow Hill and it looks like sparkles and bubblegum are tying there they're like neck-and-neck they're both gonna win and then it looks like chippy he's next he's right behind them and then you got buddy over there he looks like he's going a little crooked though he better be careful or he might fall off huh yeah yeah look I used to be careful and then you got jinx back there he's kind of a slowpoke are you gonna try and see what gift buddy brought for you Oh shopkins so did buddy bring cute girls a shopkin gosh oh look you open it we got those two per trim yeah right and which ones did Madison get looks like someone took a piece out of it [Applause] well they won't come back every day I think I think they're just friends step back Montezuma's Perkins iboga do duck bye guys you

Purple & Pink Elf on the Shelf – Candy Cane Sledding with Red, Blue, and Green Elves! Day 6
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