Today we are at the Civic Space Park here in Downtown Phoenix. And we are hosting one of our signature events with the Humane Society where we bring adoptable dogs to play with who ever comes by. Poochik! So this is my little guy, this is Poochik. I fostered him through Follow Your Heart which is a local nonprofit. And it turns out: I’m a terrible foster because I ended up adopting him a couple of weeks ago, so, “it’s official.” He’s a good boy. So there’s a wealth of research having to
do with the human-animal interaction and bond. And one research study that I really love is one that looked at heartbeats. And they found that humans, and their dogs, when they cuddle, their heart waves are in
sync. So if you think about that connection, we might not even have that connection with our partners or our family—It’s really biological. Dogs bring us a sense of bonding, a sense
of happiness and joy. So, if this is one little thing that the Center
for Mindfulness can do, we’re happy to do it. Poochik!

Puppies in the Park
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