We’re talking about gloves. This is not for a short-track glove, is it?
Yes, it’s a baseball glove. Is that a baseball glove?
How much was it? I bought it for 50,000 won because it is kids size.
It is quite expensive. Maybe because it is Under Armour. And what is this? This is also for baseball, the price is about 20,000 won?
Is it cheap?
Yes It looks like you have a carbon tip here.
Yes, I did it myself on it. A skate shop owner helped me. I put Epoxy. (attached) This is my gloves. I wear this inside and this one outside.
This is knife proof. I think I bought a little over ten thousand won.
Because it is mixed with metal thing it is little cold. So I wear one thin glove on the outside.
Do these gloves protect hands well? FILA sells skate gloves for professionals. Yes, Shim Suk-hee, and Choi Min-jeong use FILA. The whole is made out of leather.
But I think these Baseball gloves and these things are not also worrying about cutting this way. Some parts are made of mesh material for flexibility. So it seems to be a little less safe than the knife proof gloves. The gloves that players wear is only made with leather. I just wonder if it is able to protect from cutting and getting hurt well. Well, leather is more solid than cotton. So I do not think it’s dangerous because athlete are being using. Even if my inside glove is not completely chain mail glove I just tried to test and it did not tear.
Could you take the camera for a moment? I do not have anything to do with it this way.
Well it is easily to buy knife proof gloves and for example 3M Maybe we can buy 3M gloves at around 10,000 won. Those who use a lot of hands I think it’s a good idea to use knife proof gloves because your hands are precious.
There’s nothing special about short-track gloves. You can use climbing gloves Just my opinion.

Thank you for watching.

Professional short track speed skating gloves really need? [cc]
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  • February 22, 2019 at 10:49 am

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    고글편도 한번 해주세요~!!요즘 눈이 시려서 고글알아보는데 의견 듣고 싶습니다


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