Oh hands it's time to go station again what's wake up look for the hidden surprise eggs in our video taking these food trucks these are my three crate [Applause] Hey changed clothes I don't know how that happened Oh Mars you're fishing too Oh – our whole family likes to fish I wonder what she's using for a bass I found one of the potions that you made in the jjp labs a letter battler of course it will work oh he's so cute careful of the tentacles yeah oh I think I'll name you Octavian Hey yeah what are we gonna use as bait check out what's in the garbage truck heads veget spinner do some garbage cans let's try the visit spinner I have to set up the crane hey Jack reel it up I've got a good feeling about this one okay Oh what do you see it there it's whoa look at that whoa is that doing under the water open it up jack whoa guys there are five trucks and cars what are those this is my car this is the county fire what's the next one pickup truck for rescue yeah fire truck was a cool green one rescue truck now what's that one that's another rescue truck how cool these trucks are when the cars are going out to be for bait we have some garbage can I've got an idea this will be great big baby yeah whoa baby let's try and tie this to the cream Oh [Laughter] [Applause] Oh Octavian it's so boring fishing chapter three police officer Tommy had the night off it's nice to have the night off from the relentless duties of keeping our world safe from crime I wonder when we're gonna get a bite it's taking so long so looks like these kids need to work on some patients well I think we got blind bags I wonder what those are Jack explain what these are I have no idea what a hatch Imola is is it an egg rub the heart until um its gun gone and it's pink rub it until it's pink it's supposed to turn pink no it's a tough fetch of all the hearts turning colors it's getting really pink wow that's pink look mine starting to change too no press egg it's hatching yeah I see the whole whoa look at that bring it out it's her Ellison oh it's so cute Oh what are you gonna name her jack Seymour the fairy elephant so cute this is a turn pain attached after it's done me pink then you have to push it is it cracking roof yeah what colors were these it's turquoise I'm gonna name her Wiggles hey kids I have an idea for our last bait I'll tie it up thanks for watching Jack Jack please don't forget to give us a like and subscribe fishing scribe Molly scribe [Applause]

Pretend Play Fishing with Bruder Crane Trucks for Surprise Toys

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